I could jeopardize my job by speaking my mind. If I jeopardize my job I will jeopardize my  income. If I jeopardize my income, well……. you all know what that means.

One year and three months before I can retire: not a good time to quit and look for another job. There aren’t many jobs around here off-season anyway.

My schedule last week and this week is made around my ex-co-workers days off so she doesn’t have to work with me. Two night shifts for two weeks.  I should see my boss when we cross shifts at 5:00 but he leaves early. I went in a bit early on Thursday and caught him leaving…. “oh… (flustered) I left you a list of things to do.”  Coward. I have a day-shift today because they are both off.

For two and half years I have tried really hard to do a good job and be a helpful, good partner. They called me on my days off, I went in. Called me in early, I went in. Stay late, I would stay late. I did everything to best of my ability and was totally dependable. I’ve never even been late!  Now I’m being taken off my good job and put on a more physical job with early mornings. I’m being punished for her poor behaviour.

The person responsible was given her second letter of warning about being a bitch at work. Three letters and you are fired. Now that I see how bad you have to be before you get written up, I think I have a long way to go. I think it could take me a year and three months to get three letters.

In my regular job I started at 10:00 a.m. so in the winter, the sun was up and the roads were plowed. If it was bad enough to stay home, it didn’t matter much if the cake person didn’t show. But the bread person has to be there early to get things out. I have a half hour drive on a bad highway in the winter. The person who got my job lives 5 minutes from the store and her Dad drives her in.

If it’s dark and snowy, I won’t drive in. People in town will have no problem getting to the store but it can be a hellish drive from here in the dark before my road is even plowed. I won’t do it, I will call in. I’m not risking my life for minimum wage.

I won’t drive fast if I think I’m going to be late. I wonder if I can be late….. I should try it.

If, on a day off, I get a phone call from work, I will look at call display, laugh and say “NFW”. They have made it so I don’t want to lift a finger to help them out.

Those two have made me so unhappy about my job and hating to go into work. What a rotten thing to do. I can’t jeopardize one years income to tell them what I really think of them and quit but I don’t have to worry about jeopardizing my work record. No worries about bad references for my next job.

I will still try and be nice and smiley, I won’t stoop to her level, but they lost the person that would always help them out. I feel a little freed by that!

4 thoughts on “Jeopardize

  1. One of the worst aspects about our culture is this ridiculous competitive notion that we are bound to our job, that our lives seriously depend on it, and we’re damned if we don’t love it. I know so few people who are genuinely happy with their jobs, and as you’ve pointed out in your own experience, for the many who aren’t, it often has more to do with other people they work with who make their lives an absolute hell on earth (I know…so Sartre).

    Anyway, sorry to hear you’re going through that. Keep in mind that you’re definitely not alone.

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