SoCS prompt; date


So many people have told me I should computer date. It’s second to ‘you should have a pet.’  I’m not against computer dating, it’s just not for me. Vegetarian, don’t drink alcohol and I don’t like to chit-chat….. not a fun date. Sure, my profile might find another non-drinking, vegetarian who doesn’t like to talk but I really don’t care about what someone else does, they don’t have to be like me. But there has to be a connection that can only be made face to face, meeting in person. They could be the greatest match on earth ‘on paper’ but 5 minutes into meeting I’ll know I don’t want to be with that person. Then have to say ‘don’t ever call me’.

Or what if they start out good and eventually get invited to my house then a few months into it they turn bad and now he knows where I live……alone. My husband was a real charmer to other women. A lot of abusers start out being the man of your dreams only to turn into a nightmare.

This is not saying I wouldn’t go out on a date….. I’ve never been asked! Married for 28 years, you could say we had date nights but it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been married and haven’t been on one date nor met anyone I’d like to date. I took some time to be alone and find myself and found I like my own company and house. I don’t want someone moving into my space but I would like a boyfriend to go out on dates with.

Someone who’s not going to be there in the morning.


This is a special date night for all Canadians, the final show of the final tour of The Tragically Hip.  I’m going to an outdoor, big-screen showing by the lake with my sister. There’s a chance of thunderstorms ….. all that asking for rain but not tonight, please. A beautiful sunset on the lake behind us would be just right.

There are so many great songs but this one is my favourite;

4 thoughts on “SoCS prompt; date

  1. As a non-drinking, vegetarian, computer dating did not work for me, although there are specialty sites. I found the free sites gave me a creepy feeling, and it seemed like most of the men were looking for someone younger than themselves. :/ But it does work for some people, just not me. I can relate to liking your own company and being careful. I hope you find someone who’s comfortable to date who is not intrusive. You never know what sweet surprises might be around the corner!

  2. I enjoyed reading your candid post. I am married and I doubt if I would venture to computer dating even if I’m single – it always feels better to meet someone physically and so on. I hope one day you’ll find someone who makes you feel comfortable enough to venture to dating again. Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. Great post. My hubs always says he doesn’t want to date if something ever happened to me — that it’s too much trouble! Being in a good relationship takes hard work, and I think he’s like you. Were he to be on his own he’d probably find himself perfectly happy doing his own thing. Date if you want but there’s a lot to be said for being perfectly happy in your own company.

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