Going to the Beach

I haven’t written all week for two reasons. The work-place drama is continuing and I don’t want to dwell on it and the prompt never fits in with what I’m thinking about…… which is mostly the work-place drama.  This morning the prompt is ‘Eyes’ so I’m trying to think of something about eyes. Yesterday it was ‘Moon’.  Nope, nothing. It feels too much like chit-chat, unnecessary talking.

My mind has been on the people at work but I’ve had a few days off to get out of their world. Got my hair cut, oil changed, paid house insurance in full with money left over, did YouTube yoga, reminded myself a hundred times a day that I’m grateful for what I have and proud of how well I’ve done.

They gave my cake job to the good student and put me on breads. There I’ve said it, I don’t want to talk about it.

Today I’m going to the beach with my grandnieces and sister. Tomorrow night I’m going to a public big-screen viewing of Tragically Hip at an outdoor bandstand on the lake.

Maybe the Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt tomorrow will get me going about work, but not today. Today I can push them out of my mind with love, joy and the beach!



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