The Seven Kingdoms

Last night I got obsessed with wanting a printable map of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. I’ve been watching it on HBO and tried to study the moving map every week to see how the kingdoms were laid out.

This is a little obsession of mine, knowing where I am on a map. When my ex-husband and I travelled I kept the map close at hand and usually knew exactly where we were. I liked to follow it.

The other day I had to take a detour due to some bridge repairs and started hot-flashing when I realized I couldn’t see anymore detour signs. I knew where I was and the long way of getting there but I really wanted a map of those back roads to know exactly where I was. When I got home it was straight to Google maps to see the lay-out of the rural roads.

Last night it was a fictional map I was after. Game of Thrones is starting from the beginning on CTV which means commercials break it up so I’ve been taping it all week. I wanted a reference map so I could follow where everyone was this time.

There are a lot of maps of the Seven Kingdoms. Some people are far more obsessed than I am; there are some beautiful detailed maps. There are maps with the characters on the side with arrows pointing to where they are. Maps far too detailed to print out and still read the words and too colourful to waste the ink.

I spent a long time checking out maps but never did print one out. I finally put this one on my computer ‘desk-top’ then paused the show when a region was mentioned and ran back to look at the map. (I still have a big, old PC in a computer nook down the hall from my TV)

7 kingdoms

I’m trying to figure out where Daenarys is going and where she came from. What lands did she lose? The first time watching the show there was so much to learn, not having read the books, I could hardly keep track of anyone’s name. Now, the second time around, I want details.

This morning I looked all over for Dorne. There is a Sea of Dorne ……

I may need a more detailed map.