A Little Levity, Please.

This movie trailer is not the Joke but I know WordPress will put it at the top of my post. You only need to see the first 26 seconds to know what I’m talking about.


It’s so much better when you can just joke around at work. That’s what I do, perhaps getting on people’s nerves sometimes, but I stop when I sense someone is ‘not in the mood’.

Yesterday I worked with our good teenager. She is a rare bird; a young person who is hard-working, responsible and respectful. We get along well and have something in common: we both suffer from anxiety and depression, not badly but underlying.  Lucky for her she is in counselling and is learning how to cope with it.

She’s working long hours , 5 and 6 days a week but still going out with her friends at night. They live at a beach town with hundreds of new guys walking around so it’s a good thing she’s doing that, but she’s getting little sleep and burning out.

Yesterday when I went in she had already been working for two hours. Her head was bent low and she would hardly speak. I asked if she was alright and she just looked at me. I said OK I wouldn’t ask. We worked in silence for a while.

As the morning went on she opened up about how she felt and what she done the night before. They had gone to a drive-in to see a horror movie; Lights Out. I had seen the trailer on TV and there’s a really scary part where the demon jumps out in front of you. I remember thinking, “there’s one I’ll never watch.”

Later she was in the freezer on the ‘bread side’ and didn’t know I came in looking for cakes. Struggling with some boxes I made grunting sound and she said “What’s that? I thought it was the demon!”  I jumped out with a crazy face and we both laughed.

Soon neither of us were down in the dumps. We can still have this underlying depression or anxiety but together we could fake our way out of it. We worked as a team and got a lot done.

If The Angry One had been there it would have been very different. She creates a toxic environment and makes it a very long, miserable day.

Having good people to work with can make or break a job; make it bearable or unbearable. Let’s all be the one that helps make it bearable. A little levity goes a long way.

(But I’m still never going to watch this movie.)




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