Constant Craving

I crave so many things. Right now I crave a dark, cloudy day with steady rain. Still experiencing a drought with sunny, hot weather day after blistering hot day. Rain from pop-up thunderstorms have been all around us but not here. The trees are stressed, some of mine have curling leaves. I’ve seen maple trees turning colour too early from lack of water and days of blazing sun. There is a 40% chance we will get some on Friday but not much. I watch the radar when rain is forecasted and see the green split apart and miss us every time.

I crave having a good friend to hang with. Someone who won’t criticize me, make fun of me or tell me what I ‘should’ be doing. Someone who knew where I was coming from, and could listen without judgement. Someone I could laugh and have fun with. So far I haven’t met anyone around here who meets those standards.

I crave having a clean and tidy house without clutter. Yeah, I know, its my own fault. Can’t I crave it without actually doing it? Today I plan on tackling some of the hidden messes. What a fun day off; craving that friend again.

I crave romance. I don’t envision getting married and sharing my house but I would really like to have a crush on someone. Get all starry-eyed, and excited he’s coming over. Someone who thought I was great and wanted to see me happy. Someone retired, with money, who would like to help me with badly needed renovations but who is also dedicated to his grandchildren. His grown kids would love me and welcome me into their family, so happy their Dad ‘met someone.’ (While I’m craving, I might as well crave big. It’s a new moon and I’m visualizing the changes I want in my life)

The last few nights I’ve been craving Cheezies but haven’t put it on my shopping list and forget during the day at work where I could buy them. I have found, and many of my co-workers can testify to this, after working a shift you don’t care what you need you just want to get the hell out of there. After hurrying for five or six hours, you hurry out of the store and drive away like you’re being chased! Sometimes I’m half way home before I remember I can relax and slow down.

Craving is desire. The Buddha said desire is the cause of suffering. It’s good to understand that so we can try to keep a lid on it. We will never get rid of desire…. we can even desire to be desireless. It’s our desire that moves us forward. Craving is what made human beings evolve from brutes to the complex society we experience today. However, craving has driven our gluttony and consumerism to the point of destroying our planet. We are like the Wendigo, eating its own lips with insatiable hunger.

Lastly, I CRAVE peace and love. From the work place to the whole world; STOP BEING SO MEAN!!!  Everyone craves and deserves respect!




5 thoughts on “Constant Craving

  1. you (don’t) know but I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now. You are one of the few bloggers I look for when I go thru my ‘reader’ because i can relate to what you write, about your life, complaints and desires. this post struck a chord with me. it made me wish you lived ‘nearby’ so we could meet and see if a friendship evolved. i suspect, however, (and I might be wrong) that you keep people at arms’ length – you sound so much like I feel. Anyway…keep writing and I will keep reading.

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