Second Measurements

I’m on my second cup of coffee trying to think of other ways to use ‘second’.


Yesterday I had a second chance to see ‘the kids’, all meeting at Grandma’s for corn and pizza. They had been on a boat all day, my niece had a long drive down, I went to the nursing home to see my aunt first, Grandma was worn out; we all ate pizza and said goodbye.

This heat is ungodly, seriously, it’s hell. Thursday I didn’t feel it so much being at a breezy beach on a slightly overcast day, but the second day of heat warnings was blazingly sunny. My car doesn’t have air conditioning so I drove to my aunt’s nursing home with the windows open, hot air swirling around me. Some jerk in a big truck parked over two parking sites so he had the best shade. I had to park in the sun. Luckily I have a windshield sun blocker and I cooled off in the nursing home doing chair Zumba.

It’s funny how some people are still on Fahrenheit, even here in Canada. It mainly depends on where you got your weather from. I was a teenager, living in Toronto, when Canada went metric; a good age to learn something new. Yards became metres, pounds became kilograms, quarts/ litres, miles/ kilometers.  and Fahrenheit turned to Celsius. It didn’t happen quickly; some older people never got it.

A lot of people around here still use Fahrenheit because they watch Detroit weather. Also, those with old thermostats or bought them in the U.S.  I find it odd when someone still uses Fahrenheit.  What’s that in Celsius? It’s peculiar to this area being so close to The States.

And still we all use pounds to weighs ourselves. Funny that didn’t catch on when we could divide our weight by 2.2.  I only weigh 59! Maybe Canada doesn’t make our own bathroom scales.  Certainly the cheapest one you can get at Wal-Mart doesn’t have the second way to weigh. Our speedometers have “MPH” under the “KPH” scale. Most grocery stores still have both kilos and pounds on their produce and scales. Maybe if we had both on our bathroom scales we could start getting used to the lower number.


It’s time to close the windows (sigh). The house got down to 23 (73.4) this morning when I opened all the windows at 6:30. (It’s good thing they didn’t change time measurement!) It’s going to be another hot day, 34 (92.9). Not as bad as yesterday but still stifling.

I’m working a much better shift tonight; 4:00 until 9:00. 5 hours = 18,000 seconds. Someone else will be on until 10:00, mopping floors. And I have tomorrow off!  After last weekend, this one feels like a cake walk. Well, a cake run.


4 thoughts on “Second Measurements

  1. We were in Scotland once, and the people we were staying with had a scale that gave your weight in stone.

    Metric is fine for science classes and other scientific applications, but I find I have to convert everything back to pounds, feet, and degrees Fahrenheit to understand it. Anytime I went to Canada I had to think “Speed limit 80… what’s 80 divided by 1.6?” They’d tell me it was twenty degrees outside and I’d be “oh no, I left my winter coat in Atlanta!” before I remembered it was 68 real degrees and actually pretty nice…

  2. Hm, well, here in the Midwest, we barely understand anything outside of miles, pounds, or Fahrenheit. I cannot think in kilometers at all! I do alright with temps in Celcius, maybe because I spent some time in Canada. It’s been no cooler than 32C here this week, so I understand how miserable that is. Enjoy your day off!

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