If / then: a SoC rant

If I could get my hands on that lazy teenager I would throttle her. Yes, that’s violent and illegal so she’s damn lucky I won’t see her.


It’s not the first time I have felt violent towards her. I’ve yelled at her: I can’t help it. I’ll turn around and she doing NOTHING! Last time I was on with her I yelled at her twice; “What are you doing?” Standing there, sneering at what she doesn’t want to do. I wanted to kick her in the butt when I came up behind her, standing at the work table, tapping her fingers, looking out at the store; just waiting for her shift to end.

But today, and for the last four days, I’ve been furious because of her.

This on Saturday night/Sunday morning thing has gone on for way too long. Finally this week a little relief: I was put on 12:00 until 6:00 Saturday and in on Sunday. Not as bad as working until 10:00 p.m. cleaning, which is hard work. I hurt the next morning.

While I’m ranting; I’ll set the background for the day night I got very angry:

Monday night I came in and everything was moved out of the bakery except the nailed down butcher block table covered in garlic butter, cheese bits and crumbs. All other tables and loose shelving was in the back storage area. The floors hadn’t been swept so all the crap from under everything was showing how we don’t move anything when we clean at night.

My boss and the store manager greeted me; “Sweep the floor, do all the preps for the breakouts (bread and bun toppings, six racks) do up this birthday cake order, then do all the dishes by 8:00 because the guys are coming to coat the floors (with an no-slip coating). You’re still serving customers; everything you need is in the back storage area. But you can leave at 9:00”

Then, “D__  says she can’t work Saturday night so I changed your schedule, Sorry.”

At first I thought he meant change to the 5:00- 10:00 shift she was supposed to work. After I left I checked the schedule and found he has me on from 2:00- 10:00. It’s gone from bad to worse. I have to deal with the insanity all afternoon then clean the whole damn bakery. And go back in tomorrow morning.

It was an awful night, continually running to the back looking for containers and toppings.  Writing on cakes on a garlic/ greasy table. Frantic to get the stacks of trays and muffins pans cleaned before ‘the guys’ arrived.  I was so grouchy. And then this horrible schedule … I’m so mad!

If I could do what I feel like doing to that girl then I could be charged with assault.



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