The Welcome Storm

The oppressive heat and humidity built up and cracked open last night with a huge storm. It was a long time coming. We’ve had some rain, barely enough to wet the soil, but enough to get some in my rain barrels. Even with water, Impatiens, Pulmonaria and Borage wilt in the heat. Yesterday, after work, I quickly went around watering with my watering can, swatting mosquitoes, then ran back inside the house sweating and cursing.

Its dark and cool with the curtains closed but it’s isolating. I feel like a crazy person if I hear something and peek out to see if anyone is there. Phew! It’s my neighbours, I can go back to being crazy.

It had started to rain in the evening as the storm approached. The satellite reception went off for a while and the electricity went off and on twice. I laid back listening to the rain pouring down. What a great sound. All that free water just pouring out of the sky: after a drought one can really appreciate how wonderful that is.

I opened my bedroom window before I got into bed but it wasn’t pleasant. Still hot and very wet I shut it right away. I’m so grateful to have air conditioning but I can’t sleep with it on. It had been running continually since I got home from work until to going to bed so it was cool enough. Even a fan is too loud so I have one running outside the room, blowing in.

Sometime in the night there was a flash and bang that made me jump out of my sleep as it shook the house. The wind was whipping the rain around and splatting on the windows. It was wonderful! Storms are scary but exhilarating!

This morning I went around in my boots and pajamas to see if there was any damage. Some taller plants have been pounded down. The umbrella/table was blown right off the porch.  The worst is the milkweed grown from some seeds I collected and planted in my flower garden. I’ll need to carefully bring them back up and stake them. They are for Monarch butterflies and I’m hoping they will flower with the buddleia.

For now I’m enjoying the open windows, rustling leaves and singing birds. Actually, its one bird who hasn’t stopped in two hours. I think all the other birds are thinking, “STFU, already”.

With great reluctance I’ll have to close my windows soon as the heat will be back. By noon  I’ll close the insulated curtains in my living room as the sun comes around. I can usually keep the air conditioning off until 5:00 p.m. when the electricity rates are cheaper. Yesterday I didn’t make it.

A couple more days of heat and isolated thunderstorms…… I hope we get them.

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