Hearts of Darkness

The prompt today, Darkness, brought to mind ISIS and the terror they’ve let loose on the world.  The fact that they have attacked Medina, a sacred site of the Muslim religion, shows the extent of their hatred; the darkness in their hearts.

It’s not just us infidels out here in freedom and abundance, it’s Sunni’s and Shiites and Saudi’s.  It’s everyone in the world except them.

We can be on the other side of the globe but somewhere in our midst, some mentally disturbed person can take up their banner to justify their own darkness and hatred.

The worst thing (to me) is that they do it in the name of God; to kill in the name of God and think they will be rewarded in eternal paradise. Hearts and minds with the absence of spiritual light.

‘Darkness’ also reminds me of a (mis)quotation from Rumi, a mystic Muslim poet:  “God said: “I was a hidden treasure and I wanted to be Known, so I created a world of Darkness that my Light might be made manifest.””

That’s us, human beings. I believe we’ve evolved since the beginning of Time (Big Bang) to become a being who can understand it’s origin.

It’s our duty to ‘make Light manifest’ through Love. We don’t have to fight or even worry, we just have to love everyone and every thing as much as we can.  That’s how we fight this Darkness.



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