I need to muster up a whole whack of aplomb this weekend.


Funny how that word was the first “mb” word to pop into my head when I read today’s SoC prompt. That’s because I’ve been doing a crossword puzzle and needed a six-letter word, starting with ‘a’ and meaning; “composure”.  ‘Aplomb’ popped right into my head, surprising myself because I thought I was a lot dumber. When was the last time I used the word ‘aplomb’?  Never. I must have read it in some smart books many years ago before satellite TV.

Why do I need aplomb? Because I have awful back-to-back shifts this weekend and I’m feeling whiny and weepy about it. Tonight I start my shift at 5:00 p.m. cleaning the bakery until 10:00.  I pray they don’t stick me with extra jobs like they often do, making the night even harder. Now we are open until 11:00 so I usually work past 10:00 to get done.  Mopping floors that late at night, I’m exhausted and want to cry. I do tend to lose my aplomb when I’m feverishly working to get done and get out.

Tonight I will get home around 10:45 then get up tomorrow morning and be in at 10:00 a.m. for a six-hour shift. I’m dreading it. On top of that, “It’s the weekend!” (oh, do I hate hearing that)  so it will be really busy. Dealing with customers is going to be a challenge.

My sister has my grandnieces over for the weekend, in the town I work in. They will be just a few blocks from me enjoying music and the beach with the throngs. I could join them before I went into work……. if I was younger. Unfortunately, going to the beach with music and crowds before going into work would be too tiring.

I’ll be dealing with the people who wander in looking for something delicious. Some of them don’t realize you are a human being, not a ‘thing’ to serve them.

That’s why I need to muster up a lot of aplomb this weekend. Those customers are just trying to enjoy their weekend and find the right food. They don’t need to feel my selfish ire: they don’t know how I ended up there, feeling sorry for myself. They don’t know they’ve just asked the 100th stupid question. They won’t know why I’m so freaking tired and depressed tomorrow. I always try to treat each and every person with respect, look them in the eye and smile. This weekend will put that to the test.

Aplomb…… I can do this.


6 thoughts on “Aplomb

  1. Aw, washing floors when there are youngsters who could do it, I imagine? Too hard. Anyway, aplomb away! I am always thankful that God invented bakeries to delight so many senses all at once. There is something magical about them, even now! I hope it all goes better than it seems it will.

  2. I admire your smarts and your grace. I hope you take this as an encouragement and not a criticism, but I can’t help but wonder if you will some day do something less physically strenuous. I stayed in my stressful, mentally and emotionally demanding job for thirty years, tried to start my own business a couple of times, but I guess I was meant to do something else. I guess there were things I needed to learn before I could leave that old job. And I haven’t totally left it yet, but almost. Forgive me if this is too invasive, but I wonder, if you could do any kind of work, what would you love to do? In the meantime, I hope you get to enjoy the beach when it’s not so crowded.

    • I worked for myself and my husband for 25 years at our apiary business. When I left I tried to work for myself making lamps, aprons (see Monica’s Aprons on Facebook) and making spring rolls. I could not make enough money to pay my bills even If I worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Having a part-time job gives me more money AND more time off. I can apply to retire in one year. retire in a year and half. That’s my ambition.

  3. Ugh. Those shifts that eat your whole day. :/
    As a kid at home, floors were my responsibility, so I tried to avoid any job that involved mopping. Then I got my own place, and well, I mop enough still. Mopping at the end of a long day can be a true pain.

  4. I hope you get the required aplomb to get through the day and possibly catch a breather during the weekend. There are days like this when one is so worn out that they can’t even think straight. Take care

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