The only mountain  around here is the amount of chores I have facing me all the time. The mountain is made by me leaving them until they pile up. However, in order to have everything neat and tidy, organized and caught-up, one would have to do it all the time, everyday.

My yard is quite large and requires a lot of maintenance. Since I work part-time for minimum wage, I do everything myself. It’s not fun anymore; it’s work. Gone are the days I could weed and haul mulch all day long; now I’m tired and irritable after a couple of hours. The weed-eater (whipper/snipper) is really tough on my neck and shoulders after just a short time. I have to do it often and in sections.

More and more I’m just tending to my front door gardens and letting the rest of the place get wilder. In order to keep it perfect I would have to do it all the time and everyday. Like the inside. These days its one or the other….. I lack the ambition to do this all day long.


Some days I get to shop or visit my aunt in the nursing home for excitement. Three days a week I have a job working in a bakery; one is a night shift. I could spend all my time off trying to scale this mountain of chores but I don’t. More and more, I want to just relax. I could not work five days a week and do all this anymore, its physically impossible. This is why people retire at my age.


I have friends who used to live in Ontario but now they live in the mountains of British Columbia.  They could never live here again where it is so flat but it’s OK with me. The mountains are beautiful but I don’t need to live in them. There is beauty here at Lake Huron in Carolinian Forest. Even my friends who moved up north to cottage country say it’s too flat and boring here. Humph.

Actually, my favourite geography is rolling hills like the area around Murfreesboro in Tennessee.  I used to go there several times a year when I was a caver, with my husband. We camped all over Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. I miss it.

I miss having things to look forward to. There is my work schedule on my fridge then my days off I whittle away at the mountain of chores. I need to go to Sarnia to buy some new work shoes but it takes too much time: I hate driving and shopping. I need to go see my aunt because it’s been two weeks and I’m feeling guilty as hell. It’s doesn’t take that long, I can come home and still do a chore.

This weekend seems like a mountain looming ahead of me to be scaled. I’m working 5:00 to 10:00 on Saturday night then have to be in at 10:00 on Sunday morning for a six-hour shift. Cleaning the bakery at night is hard work. The next day I’m usually stiff and slow-moving but Sunday I have to get up and go again.

Today I’ll get my aunt’s visit behind me, make sure my general living space is clean and tidy so I can breath a sigh of relief when I come home Sunday evening. Monday I will revel in my well-deserved day off.


Stream of Conciousness brought on by  Daily Prompt…’Mountain’;










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