Pressing Heat


Hot, sunny weather is depressing me.  I’m sorry to say this but I wish it would rain. Sure, it’s the weekend, that’s a bummer of a wish but we haven’t had a drop of rain in over a week. What happened to spring?

Everyday they forecast thunderstorms but everyday that damn sun just keeps on shining. Today it was supposed to rain but I woke up to clear skies.  Damn.

I can’t put any mulch on dry soil with no rain in the forecast. I was giving my shrubs a good drink before mulching but now my rain barrels are empty. Yesterday I had to go out and buy a new hose because my old one sprung leaks everywhere.

And the mosquitoes…… good God!… the mosquitoes are horrendous! The rise up from the wet grass in the morning when I’m trying to water the new plants I’ve put in. I can’t even water without covering myself with Deep Woods Off. They crowd around my door trying to get in.  I was going to mow my lawn yesterday to keep them down but it was hell out there, HELL, I tell you!

I’m working all weekend. Today I have to share my work space with my counterpart as we are both working together. She can be very, very bitchy and is bitchy 50% of the time. I’m feeling a tad bitchy myself so it could get bad. On top of that, it’s going to be very busy as the tourists will be out in droves.

Hot weather ‘don’t impress me much’, working all weekend depresses me; can’t wait to get home, strip off my clothes and decompress.