Today I Mulch

I’m excited! This was delivered yesterday.

I wanted to mulch so much more than go to into work at 3:00.  Going in on a sunny, gorgeous day is such a bummer! And because we are gearing up for the long weekend, I walked into a ton of work and two exhausted people dying to get the hell out of there. My counterpart/ co-worker had done at least a dozen special cake orders, my boss is doing 10 hour shifts most the weekend and he’s salary….. no extra pay for his hard work.


I didn’t brag about getting Sunday and Monday off as most people are working all weekend.  Keeping my mouth shut and my fingers crossed  so I don’t jinx it. If any students ask me to work for them, I’m saying no, I have plans for this weekend.

I have mulch and some new plants from the nursery: if I was working all weekend I would be very depressed.

A couple of years ago I worked in an ice-cream shop for the summer. So many people would say to me, “oh, that must be fun!”  It isn’t, it’s hell! It’s hard, sticky work and all the customers are enjoying their summer. We would have mothers, staying at the cottage with their kids, come in grouchy and be rude to us. Sure, you’re testy being with the kids all day at the beach,  poor you!  Or a summer romance couple that can’t keep their hands off each other long enough to pick out an ice-cream flavour; acting as if you were invisible.  That was the most depressing job I ever had.

So think about that this weekend when you are being served in a grocery store, or restaurant or bar…… those people have to work. Have some respect and be kind to them, tip generously.  It’s really hard when everyone is enjoying their weekend and you are working for minimum wage, in a polyester uniform, under fluorescent lights taking guff from some insensitive jerk.

That will be me tomorrow…… today I’m off and mulching!

One thought on “Today I Mulch

  1. Some people don’t even realize how fluorescent lights affect them. At least you get it, and at least it’s temporary. I know you had a lovely day mulching in the natural light that will be there waiting for you.

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