Strolling Through Life

Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do today; stroll. I don’t have to work today after four days in a row ( I can hear you young people scoffing; don’t let this happen to you!)

At work we are expected to do everything as fast as we can. Today I can stroll. I languished in bed until almost 7:00 then strolled down my hallway for coffee. It wasn’t intentional strolling, actually, it was more of a shuffle but I didn’t know the Prompt yet.

It’s almost worth all the hard work just to revel in the joy of being done and coming home. The upside of living alone is that the house is just the way I left it and I leave it ready for Coming Home. After the noise and lights of a grocery store then the half-hour drive home, I breathe a sigh of relief when I close the door behind me.   Ah, Peace!  And I can make loud, groaning sounds of pleasure when I take off that uniform and bra and get into soft cotton.

I’m on my second coffee now so the shuffle has turned to strolling, singing “I don’t have to go there!”  I like to imagine what a zoo it is right now.

Time to stroll around the gardens and admire the spring flowers, emerald-green grass and tiny leaves and buds emerging from the trees. It’s like the movies Wizard of Oz or The Secret Garden that start in black and white then suddenly burst into colour.

This afternoon I’ll take a stroll down the trail in the woods behind my house. It used to be a maze of dirt bike  and four-wheeler trails but a local club has made a beautiful walking trail that is ‘blazed’ (marking the way) and made plank bridges over wet areas and creeks. Working together with the local conservation area,  the motorized vehicles are now banned.  And its right out my door!

Right now there is a wet area with  Marsh Marigolds as far as you can see.

marsh m3

I think I’ll take a stroll down there today.

2 thoughts on “Strolling Through Life

  1. How wonderful to have a woodsy, walking area right outside your door! I drive anytime I want to ~walk~ because i’m in business/residential with no side walk and busy main street. I’d love a little (tiny) home surrounded by woods – not too dark tho.

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