Living at the Beach

I have to do the today prompt, beach, because I live at The Beach and work in a beach/tourist town.

Not right on the lake, a few blocks away, but that’s fine with me. I used to clean cottages on the lake which have beautiful views and sunsets but also cars and people all over you in the summer. And, much as I love Lake Huron, I always find it more restful when leave the beach, especially if there are big waves.

It’s not often wavy, however, as it’s shallow and sandy; perfect for kids and dogs. You have to walk way out before it gets even waist-high so you can safely let kids play at the water’s edge. Dog are allowed on the beach and I find people really good about keeping their dogs in check and picking up poop. There is no happier dog than a dog fetching a stick at the lake.

In the winter there is hardly anyone around; the occasional car or delivery truck goes by every few minutes. In the summer its constant traffic; sometimes I’m sitting at the end of my driveway waiting for chance to pull out.

Our beach is a ‘natural’ beach with not many stores, just chip wagons and a convenience store with the flags, inflatable beach toys and giant ice cream cones beckoning you to come in.

Grand Bend has all the bells and whistles;  restaurants, funky clothing and beach wear, our grocery store.  This year they moved the LCBO (booze store) beside us so traffic will be insane.  I have to take the long way around town to get to work because the stop-and-go traffic through town in the summer is torture and I drive a standard. A half hour of dancing with the clutch and gears, hot weather and no air conditioning, wearing black polyester pants ……. a recipe for road rage.

And people actually do this at night for fun; drive the strip. Drive through town in stop-and-go traffic for an hour, then turn around and do it again. Mostly young people looking for other good-looking young people or older people wishing they were still young people.

It all begins soon; May 24th weekend, Victoria Day. Not many people know its Queen Victoria’s birthday, it’s known here as May Two-Four, named after the most popular case of beer.

We are gearing up at the store and dreading it. We go from a sleepy town of retired cottagers to mobs of vacationers invading our town, demanding food and entertainment.


oops! I’ve just discovered this post sitting on my computer all morning, unpublished. Pardon any unedited errors, not uncommon on this blog, but I have to post and move on to get some things done before going into work.

This is my favourite photo our our beach. It’s taken on a Thanksgiving weekend that was very warm. We all took a walk on the beach after dinner.