Keep on Hoping

I sure hope they will live stream this;

What a great concert;  Coachella for Boomers.

Unfortunately, it’s in California, which is thousands of miles away from here, and it’s $400.  Then there is staying somewhere, eating, getting to the concert and back……  the whole thing would be well over $1000.  And that’s in American dollars; the Canadian dollar is at $.78 right now.

Only if I had way more than $1000 “disposable income”(hahaha) and be happy with all my appliances and furniture would I consider it.

Not only that;  flying across borders, paying outrageous money to sleep somewhere strange, eating in restaurants, finding bathrooms……  I’m not a traveler anymore; I’m a homebody.  I traveled quite a bit when I was young so my wanderlust was satisfied. Now I enjoy the comforts of home, such as my own bed and washroom.

I do have a fairly big TV hooked up to a stereo sound system (well, its surround sound but I only have two speakers) so the concert in my living room would be the BEST!!!!!


I still have hope that life will bring me something good. It’s a lot harder to imagine a future as you get older, it’s not as clear-cut. There’s no planning career moves or wondering if you should have more children; it’s more like being ready for a good surprise.

When I was young all I wanted to do was have a family and live in the country. For eight years I hoped I would get pregnant. They found I had endometriosis and gave me treatment bringing my hope back.  But the damage was done and I never did get pregnant.  By this time I realized that my husband would not be a good father and pushing things to adopt children would not bring us happiness.

I remember thinking, “Does this mean I’m never going to be happy?”

I had to find other ways of making Me happy. This idea grew and grew and I realized my husband would now ‘allow’ me to be happy. If I ever wanted to be happy I had to make a go of it on my own.

Now, of course, I would love to meet someone who thought I was great and wanted to make me happy: I’ll settle for no less!  But I won’t pin all my hopes on meeting this wonderful person because it might not happen. I will make myself happy, keep healthy and be the kind of person that someone fabulous will fall in love with!

Or even just a new, good friend to hang out with would be great. I keep hoping……

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