My Musical Luck


There is no better way to distract the mind from negative inner dialogue than music. Music allows the soul to take the chattering mind by the hand and lead it to a better place.

My parents were music-lovers; my Dad played jazz piano and my mom danced around to Harry Belafonte.  Lucky for us, living in Sarnia, Ontario meant we were closer to the radio and TV stations in Detroit than Toronto.  Most Sundays live gospel music played on radio after church.  We walked home for lunch when we were kids: Motown music was playing on the radio while I ate my bologna sandwich. (I wouldn’t eat anything else)

My generation lived the best musical time ever. I was twelve when the Beatles changed the musical landscape. After that, there were so many bands with such great music, it’s still listened to today by all generations.

Another lucky break for me; when I was 10 years old we moved from Sarnia to Toronto. Being a teenager in Toronto in the 60’s was awesome! I experience Life in full force and lived to tell the story. Luckily, that was before AIDS, crack, social media and selfies.

My sister worked the concession stand at a place called the Rock Pile, a fairly small building playing very big name bands, and she would let me in.  I saw every band and famous blues person play in those years.  How lucky is that?


No, they aren’t standing on their seats…. there are no seats.

I remember a night when a new band was coming in from England; Led Zeppelin. I laughed at the name.  But they blew everyone’s mind, to use the historic term. The blending of blues and rock was perfection. The next time they returned to The Rock Pile they were famous and demanding way more money. With so many people waiting, the owners said OK and went into bankruptcy. That’s right, folks, Led Zeppelin broke The Rock Pile.


My husband and I had the same taste in music, another ‘lucky’ because we could only buy and play what he liked. Since I worked at home in those days, I listened to music a lot.

Now that I’m living alone I have a much wider range of genres and can play whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. Not having a dish washer, washing dishes and doing housework is my main music time.

Recently I joined Spotify as Roku has made it available. For the first time in years I can listen to music in my home entertainment system instead of a little speaker-set off my phone. I’ve been able to get all the music from my past, and any new thing I hear and like.  Sometimes I’ll remember something I used to like and just go get the album or whichever songs I liked.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for Classical or Dead Can Dance , who have no category. I still amazed that I can do this: the whole world of music is at my finger tips!

I started Zumba about 5 or 6 years ago and found that dancing was really good for depression.  When I left an abusive spouse and a hellish life, I was a broken person. In an effort to get me out, my sister suggested we try Zumba at the Y.  I was dancing to “Oh, Baby, when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad” and started to chuckle. I went home thinking, “I think I feel good!” and realized I hadn’t felt good in a very long time.

Music is the most wonderful, magical thing there is!  I never thought of myself as a lucky person before but when it comes to music; I’ve been very, very LUCKY!!!

Yep, saw them!