Bedtime Procrastination

Just as I ease into my mornings slowly, so do I wind down to a long  bedtime . I suffer from bedtime procrastination. I start telling myself to go to bed around 11:30 which starts by turning on the electric blanket. My bedroom stays cold all day so it’s more efficient to just warm the bed at night. Getting into a warm bed is so wonderful I wonder why it takes me so long to get there.

Around 10:00 I start to nod off watching TV.  I know once I go horizontal its game over, I’m falling asleep, but I love the sensual pleasure of lying down and stretching out wrapped in fuzzy microfiber.  I like shows I can listen to and don’t have to watch so I can turn over onto my other side.  The Daily Show is perfect , I need only to turn over occasionally to see some graphics of the story, but I rarely stay awake for it all. Or I’ll put on a show I don’t care about, like Castle because I don’t care how it ends if I fall asleep.

When I was married I had someone to yell at me, “Wake up and go to bed!” but now I just sleep.  I have to set up my coffee for the morning, floss and brush, and get my ice water for the bedside which seems like a lot to do when I’m in repose. I’ll think “I should get up and go to bed” before I fall asleep. Somewhere in there, I ‘turn on my bed.’

This may sound slovenly to some ‘A’ types but I do it because I can. I love it because I was married to someone who hated leisure; it made him mad. Now I’m 63, living alone and I can do whatever I want.  (within financial boundaries). Sometimes I lay on couch in the afternoon!  That would have driven him into a rage! (which really happened, twice) How dare I! Now, the sun shines in the afternoon right on my default position…… lying on the couch. Heavenly!

I love it. I revel in it….. just as I love waking up without an alarm and slowly easing into my morning with the internet. E-mails, news, Facebook and  Wordpress, if I’m not working.

This is the part of getting old and living alone that I like…. doing whatever I want and not giving two hoots (or even one) about what anyone thinks. I work, do Zumba, go for hikes……. I earn that couch time!

Bedtime is whatever time I go to bed.




2 thoughts on “Bedtime Procrastination

  1. Sounds wonderful! I, for one though, go to bed as soon as I feel my eyes closing. Sometimes, hours later, I have to wake H up. He falls asleep watching tv in his recliner lots! Now I know why – he earned it! Lol ~Elle

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