Habitual Hermit

Ah, another day to just stay home. I even surprise myself how much I like to just stay home, putter and watch TV while doing a jigsaw puzzle. At night I promise myself ‘tomorrow I will start to organize my papers and clean out the corners in my bedroom’; the hidden messes. But then I do the same daily routine.

When I don’t have to go to work I sit with my two coffees and do my computer stuff, as I’m doing now, then clean up the kitchen-living room-washroom triangle.  There are daily outside chores; feeding the birds/ squirrels and bringing in firewood. It’s almost a monastic life, I’ve even been eating gruel! I made a lentil/ wild rice ‘soup’ but it got so thick it became stew. The next day you could have cut it with a knife. But I had caramalized four onions and three large garlic cloves in the slow cooker at the onset so it tastes great. It just looks like gruel.

I have a big job today; shovel out from a snow storm. Yesterday, Wednesday, I was supposed to work but there were bad snow squalls. I was waiting for 8:00 a.m. to call into work that I was snowed in but my boss phoned earlier and said ‘don’t come in’. JOY!  It’s like a bonus day off! Snow Day!

The snow in the driveway was too deep and heavy to shovel so my neighbour plowed it out.  (He’s charging $30 this year.  Yikes! I hope we don’t get much snow.) but I still have to shovel out my porch, walkways and car.

So I haven’t been out in the ‘real’ world since Monday when I drove to town to get a few groceries. Today is Thursday and I’m still happy I don’t have to go anywhere. It’s a good thing I have this quirky habit; I’m sure other people would be climbing the walls!

I do have a cold which gives me another good excuse to just shovel out then call it a day. I will be finishing the puzzle today, too, another major accomplishment. There is never ‘nothing to do’.

Just stuck my arm out and took this. Brr.. it’s very cold outside!

A thought: The internet is the best thing for a hermit. And texting, too. I can be a hermit but not feel isolated.

Lucky me; I can stay home and shovel snow then come in to warm couch and the whole world right there in my living room via satellite and internet.


I see blue sky; time to bundle up and get shoveling.