Superbowl Sunday

I’m restless today. Having Superbowl Sunday was a waste of a day off for me.  I hope someone at work isn’t disappointed they are missing it.

We don’t even get the good commercials here in Canada, they actually have the best ones on the news, then there is YouTube or next years “The Greatest SuperBowl Commercials”.  Last night I watched it….. I had taped it because there are so many commercials between commercials.

This was my favourite;

I do keep checking the time on the game for half-time to see the show. It never fails to impress; Americana at its finest, it’s sort of a morbid fascination.  Beyoncé is headlining with Coldplay (there’s an odd combo) joined by Bruno Mars.  I can’t imagine either Beyonce or Coldplay doing Uptown Funk and hope they don’t try. I am so sick of hearing that song.

My ex-husband was American and always watched the game. I miss asking him how many quarters it has.  I think I’m feeling a little nostalgic for marital comfort. Those times were so few and far between. It meant a day to actually relax and do what I wanted.  Now I can do that a few days a week; it’s not so special anymore.

So I’m discontented that I’m not going to a Super Bowl Party when I don’t even want to go to a Super Bowl party. Does that make sense? I don’t like sports and I don’t drink alcohol or eat meat. I’m a Super Bowl Bummer! I’m discontented that I still don’t have friends that live around here. I asked a ‘friend’ to walk on the trails but she’s going to a Super Bowl party in her neighbourhood. She would fit in; she likes to get drunk and eat bacon and she can stagger home. I would not like to go there. I’ve already seen her drunk; once is enough.

Hopefully I can go for hike today, my knee was too sore yesterday. Friday night I worked my ass off. The big boss was due the next day so I had a list of extra cleaning but was interrupted by customers for writing on cakes, slicing bread and giving kids cookies: so much so, I couldn’t do it all. That stresses me so I go like crazy….. and feel it the next day.  Yesterday I was limping around and tired all day. I felt very old. Slept in the afternoon sun on my couch….. heavenly to have the sun coming back!

Ok, time to go plan a fun day for myself; work on my jigsaw puzzle and keep checking for the big half time show. Party down.