What’s in Store?


I don’t know what’s in store the next few days except my schedule at the store I work in. That’s the framework for what I must do and I can’t plan too much around that.

Yesterday I took my friend, who’s having troubles, to the grocery store to get a few things. She was totally broke with no food. I really thought her Dad was going to help her out but I found out he’s a jerk. No wonder she makes the bad choices she does.

Now I have very little money and my family Christmas is on Monday. I’m supposed to make something to eat but I’m working the two nights before, I might have a friend visiting tomorrow but I don’t know yet, my troubled friend is now coming for water, shower and laundry almost everyday.  She loud and swears a lot. She’s wearing me down.

My ex phoned me yesterday….. he’s coming to visit Tuesday  and I’m working Tuesday night. That was a huge surprise as he hasn’t contacted me in over a year.

Last night I tossed and turned in bed trying to make a schedule in my head so I will have everything I need for Monday. Thinking about my ‘needy’ friend, thinking about my ex, wondering if my other friend is coming……. I’m not used to all this action!

The next few days I will be practicing ‘be here, now’. I’m done with Christmas shopping and only have to go to my grocery store to work.

I have Wednesday off…… I’m really looking forward to that….. it will all be over.




4 thoughts on “What’s in Store?

  1. I hope you find some moments of joy in the midst of all this. Feel free to set boundaries. If you let some come into your home to use your water, I believe it’s okay ask that person to not swear and to speak more softly because her talking loud and swearing so much is stressing you out/giving you a headache/etc. It’s your home and you have the right to say who comes and goes and when. I say this as someone with a long history of being too nice for my own good. Take care!

  2. Don’t let your guard down… I agree with JoAnna’s comment. It’s your home and you should be able to suggest talking more softly and no swearing. As for your ex visiting…could be just a happy holidays – hope you are well visit?
    Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!! ~Elle

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