SoCS; miss


I miss Laura L. There is a group of bloggers out there that followed WTFAIOA by Laura L. through her trials and tribulations. When I first came upon her blog she was living in a trailer in Kentucky then moved to a basement of a person she didn’t know to look for a job in Vermont. We were all so happy when she got a job then an apartment but soon it all turned bad. Recently she wrote her last post with “my life has gotten so much worse. I’m closing the blog”

What happened? Where is she? I worry about her! Are you reading  this Laura- I know that’s not your name? We miss you!

How many Lauras are out there leading lives of quiet desperation?

I have a friend down the road who is living  in a trailer with no plumbing. She left her abusive mate and was offered the place by friends who own the trailer park. They’ve been grumbling about her water use and daily shower from their house so she’s been coming here for a shower and fill a water container every couple of days to buffer her water usage there.

Yesterday she left me fifty cents.

She has a very old dog; a boxer. He drools a lot and wants to get on my couch. She cooks him dinner, which is the main reason I don’t want her to stay here, plus she smokes cigarettes.  Don’t worry; she doesn’t want to stay here either.  They needs her own space.

I remember how crazy I was when my marriage broke up and I had no place, no job, no life.  The fear, anxiety and grief are debilitating.

It’s too bad other people’s misfortunes are the best reminders that our lives are good. I don’t feel so bad about going into work tonight, tomorrow and Monday. Of course there are moments of anxiety and the little inner groan of ‘I don’t wanna go to work’ but all in all, I’m lucky to have this job and home and the health to keep it all together.

And I live in peace.

My heart goes out to all the people who struggle this holiday season. When you see them, smile at them, show them they matter. That can mean so much to a person who is down and hurt.


5 thoughts on “SoCS; miss

  1. You’re right. I was feeling blue last Christmas, and then a friend came back into my life and told me about a tragedy that she’d gone through. I know what it feels like, being visually impaired, to give people the feeling that they have things pretty good if they have their sight. It is an unfortunate part of human interaction.
    Happy Holidays

  2. It’s heartbreaking to read such things as this, but it’s the reality of life. Hope you hear from Laura sometime soon and I’m praying your friend down the road has a better year coming up. She’s lucky to have you for a friend. ~Elle

  3. I read this yesterday and it touched me so much that it took 24 hours for me to be able to respond. Not that I have anything eloquent to leave here with all the extra time, but at least now I can hit the keyboard in the correct way to type a sentence. Bless you, for letting that woman shower at your home. Such a simple thing and such a huge thing at the same time. My situation got worse, if you can imagine that, and it has no upward swing in sight. I wish I could say everything is ok, but I cannot. But it meant the world to me to read your post. Around here, kind words and thoughts are as rare as an American mall without Christmas decorations right now. Thank you.

  4. The one drawback to having online friends is it’s so easy to lose track of them. I’m glad to see Laura’s response here – I too hope things will start looking up for her soon.

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