I am a Stranger

Last night I had a reminder that I’m still a stranger around here. It’s strange, I’ve been living here for five years and don’t have a good buddy to do things with.

There was a local Haunted Hayride on the reserve last night: they go crazy for Halloween on Kettle Point. After 9:00 it would be a scary walk-through for teenagers and grown-ups. I wanted to go so bad. One person I knew was in it and another is in NYC for the marathon. I asked a person I’ve been trying make friends with and she said she was busy. I’m sure she thinks I’m the strangest person she’s ever met because she is most regular person I’ve ever met and gives me the vibe: she thinks I’m strange. There are lots of her but not many of me.

No way was I going to go to the walk-through by myself. I was desperate enough to post on Facebook , ‘is anyone going to the walk-through?’ but only my cousin in England responded. I am a strange stranger around here.

By 7:30 it was very dark and I didn’t want to go out any later (Yeah, 9:00 is late) and figured I could slip into the Hayride unnoticed. It was cold so I put on my down overcoat and fleece-lined black, brimmed hat. Not a good look for standing around with kids, I now see it: “Who is that weird stranger lurking with the kids?”

It was being held where they hold the Powwow, at the Elders Lodge; another reason I wanted to go. As I drove near I could see lines of lights strung up and a flashing ‘siren’ light over a chip wagon. I parked under some trees and walked over just as a tractor load of screaming kids was being hauled away. Recently I watched a movie where Russian prisoners were being shipped off to Siberia. That’s what the wagon looked like except they were screaming already. On the other side of the Elders Lodge I came upon the line-up. The long line-up of screaming children. No, not screaming yet….. more like a cacophony. There was at least 3 more wagon loads awaiting.

I went home and had a bath instead. I know I am strange to people, and I like people who are a little strange.

Today I’m going to a Halloween party in a nursing home…… oh, yeah, I know how to party!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “strange/stranger/strangest.”  Use one, use ’em all, or just let them inspire you. Have fun!


5 thoughts on “I am a Stranger

  1. You were brave to give it a try. I love to dress up in costumes for Halloween, but this year, I’m not invited to any parties that I know of. Several years ago, on a Halloween weekend, I dressed up and went downtown with a friend. We were clearly the oldest people there and didn’t stay too long with all those crazy young’uns. I hadn’t thought of a nursing home Halloween party. It makes perfect sense to me. Have fun!

  2. Good for you for going to the Hayride and I think the Nursing Home Halloween Party sounds really sweet. I like people who are different or “strange”. I think people sometimes think that of me as well. Who wants to be like all these conformists, bleck, and it can be hard to make friends. I think finding activities that you are interested in where others are involved can be an ice breaker. I am an introvert and do not like big parties and small talk. But I would like small groups doing things I am interested in. 🙂

  3. It’s too bad we don’t live closer together (we don’t live close together and don’t know it, do we?) because I’d have gone. I’m a strange stranger with (almost) no friends after 6 years where I live too. 😛

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