Thanksgiving Holiday


I am so grateful to have today off. Even though it’s cool and drizzling, I have my window open to connect to the peaceful sound of rustling leaves. The colours in the woods give it a whole new dimension: instead of a mass of green, there is yellow, burgundy, rust, gold, a beautiful tapestry. Bright orange bittersweet hangs from a white birch and purple wild grapes fill the bushes below. And I can stay here all day.

It’s good to be away from the Thanksgiving Frenzy growing at the grocery store where I work. It’s all about buns and pies. The freezer is so filled with boxes of frozen bun dough I can hardly manoever anything in or out. Boxes are stacked to unsafe levels.  A few times I had to ask my boss for help get boxes down that were too high and heavy. Anyone who has read about my boss knows that asking him to help is my last resort. I will risk boxes falling on my head before I’ll ask him for help he’s so damn grouchy.

One reason is that a young grocery clerk ran into a display of pies knocking them over and smashing them all. Another reason is that we are so vastly inferior to him and none of us can work fast enough. Yesterday I went in knowing I had a lot of stuff to do and tried my damnest to get it all done. On top of that I had 4 special order cakes.


My last day off (Monday) I went out shopping for a nightgown for my aunt and a few other things I needed and can’t get at my store. Stores are far from here so going shopping is a day in itself. I don’t do much when I get home, certainly not housework.

Tuesday, after work,  I went for a Meet and Greet at the local Health Community Centre and I now have a doctor! I was happy enough to get in and have a nurse practitioner but they just hired a new doctor and I got her!

Wednesday , after work, I went to the nursing home my aunt is in to visit and take the nightgown. Needless to say; its depressing. By this time I was getting worn out but decided to go to Zumba when I got home anyway; I do it for my mental health.  I need any little morsel of fun I can get.

I was very tired yesterday and my boss is getting frustrated that there aren’t enough hours and staff to provide all these people with buns and pies. I didn’t get done all that he wanted me to do but I knew I wouldn’t. He was listing stuff I should get getting done and I knew damn well (and so did he) that five hours would not be enough to do it all.  However, he is ‘given’ just so many hours to work with for staff and it’s just not enough; another reason he’s so frustrated.

By the end of the day his constant bitching had worn me down. We didn’t speak the last hour. One of cakes I was disappointed with; It was a small cake with “Happy Birthday ______, (four names)”.They barely fit so the names mushed together and I forgot the green icing runs. I wished I had done it with a smaller tip in orange.  I drove home thinking, “damn, I wish I’d used orange”. I went to sleep thinking, “I should have used the orange icing…….”

I started to think it again when I woke up but stopped myself. Instead I said, out loud to no one, “I did a damn good job and he should be happy to have me!”

Today I’m home all day, oh yay, oh yay!  Tomorrow we are having a family dinner at my nieces so I’m doubly grateful to have today off; I need a day to clean my house and rest.  No florescent lighting, no ‘easy listening’ music, no customers bugging me and no grouchy boss ‘tsking’ my every move.

Aahhhhh………. peace.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Holiday

  1. I was going to be all amazed that the Thanksgiving rush was already happening and it wasn’t even Halloween yet. Then I remembered…Canada! I hope you enjoyed your time off AND your holiday!

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