LIfe Goes On …. and on and on….


Today You Will Write

Yes, today I will write and this gives me a platform. I haven’t written much lately simply because I have nothing to say. I’m not much of a talker, either, I dislike chitchat.

My life is going on boringly but bearable. My mind fluctuates between ‘why do I have to work (hard) in grocery store for minimum wage, at this age (62) and be alone?’ to ‘thank God I have a not bad part-time job and house of my own. I can do whatever the hell I want.’   That job gives me feeling of security; I can do this. In moments of anxiety I can remind myself I have a job and my bills are paid.

My lawn mower is still being fixed. He said it might be done today. It’s been gone over a month. My grass is so long its laying over. The Queen Ann’s Lace was pretty but its finishing now. Its depressing looking at the lawn and gardens so neglected. Last week was too hot to work outside anyway; I can wait until better weather. I’m so looking forward to fall and cutting my grass.

Today its raining and I’m glad. I worked last night (4:00-9:00) and I’m working again tonight so a quiet rainy day is just what I need to re-boot for another round of cleaning frenzy.

I could write about the mop problems and how I would have been done early if I didn’t have to wait for the deli girl to finish with the only mop but I think I’ve bored you enough by now. That’s my point, that’s why I haven’t written. Between working I do housework, inside and out, make food, clean up after making food, do laundry, wash my work apron, (sometimes I just sponge the icing off my pants), read blogs, watch TV.

My aging aunt recently was moved to a nursing home near us so I can visit her after work easily. I’m sure most of you know how depressing a nursing home is. Last time I went she had ‘an accident’….. I won’t go into detail but I almost threw up.

Thank God Zumba is starting back up on Monday. I need it so bad. Not just the exercise but the dancing and laughing part.

So, Prompt, thanks for reminding me that this is it. This is my life and I better be damn grateful for what I have!  As far as I know, it will just go on like this until I’m in that nursing home grossing out my nephew.

this is it

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