Today I was noticing the two prompts I follow could be written in the same post. Thinking about how to put it together I realized the subject would be the same as the last prompt I did….. ‘MIND’ in Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/14601702/786634022Do You Mind?

Not only that: I read something on Facebook this morning that got me thinking on this very subject.  The handwriting is on the wall, so to speak…… I must make an effort to write this idea down……. in less than 1,000 words!

Here are the two prompts:

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?




Our minds are so much more powerful than any of us believe. Even if we intellectually believe it, we fail to utilize it because we don’t have faith in our own power. But that can be a good thing; power in the hands of the average person can be a disaster.

I think the crux of the problem is that we can’t separate our minds from our souls, or spirit.  We are made of three things; body, mind and spirit. It’s generally accepted by most people now that we can differentiate the physical from the spiritual…… well, not everyone believes it but my point is that understanding and nurturing our souls has become mainstream philosophy.

The body is the physical vehicle for the soul: the mind is the mental vehicle for the soul. The mind is the astral body. It’s source is the astral plane. In this plane exists all good and evil; all heavens and hells, all gods and goddesses, anything and everything that could exist in our imaginations.

But our spirit or soul is beyond all that. Where, and what it is, is unimaginable: it can only be experienced when we break beyond the realms of the mind. (How to do that is not the subject of this post)

The ‘realm of mind’ is made individual by our ego. We are a little drop of MIND just like our souls are a little drop of GOD (or whatever you want to call it). We perceive it all as one thing; ourselves.

As we develop spiritually, we see our souls as separate from our bodies. But our soul can also be separate from our mind. The soul is the real power behind the mind but the mind, lead by the ego, has all the power now. The ego wants to be in charge, the mind wants comfort and to frolic in the senses. We run from discomfort and relish sensual enjoyment. That’s what moves us ….. like water flowing downstream…. our souls are lead on a sensual journey with not much thought to our destination.

The next step in our spiritual revolution of humanity is to recognize the mind and the ego for what they are. Until we can master the mind and ego, the soul is just a slave to our desires. We want what we want.  But is that always the best thing? Is what we want going to hurt others? How many times have you wanted something to happen so badly then to find out years later that would have been a disaster? Or being so devastated by a perceived tragedy only to find out it was the best thing that ever could have happened years down the road?

Our fate has brought us here, now, but our actions here and now determine our future. All the great spiritual icons we revere kept their faith in a higher power to lead their souls. So many spiritual souls were tortured and killed for their spiritual beliefs. They didn’t pray for money and sensual comforts. They didn’t believe God would reward them with money and social acceptance. In Eastern philosophy God gives his specially beloved the gifts of poverty, illness and humiliation. Chew on that one awhile!

That’s the trouble I see today; all these people who believe they have the power to make their lives ‘better’ and point a finger at others saying they are sick or poor because they aren’t thinking the right way.

You could use the power of your mind for ‘good’ or for ‘evil’. Generally ‘good’ is what we want and ‘bad’ is what we don’t want. Either way you are tangled in the web of mind and all your struggles just entangle you all the more.

And to change direction is like pushing water uphill.  Good Luck, I’m floundering on the sidelines nowadays, desparately hanging onto my beliefs.