Step Away From the Birthday Cakes

What’s worse than mopping floors late at night when you are already exhausted? Mopping floors late a night, exhausted and listening to Taylor Swift chirp merrily about her ex-boyfriend.  Or Mariah Carey wailing on one note for way too long. “I found ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou out….”  It’s the only time I ever image having a gun and shooting it…… at the speakers, not the person.

I’ll be so glad when summer is over….. sorry, everyone, but summer means work in a beach town. For two months we are trying to supply people with all they need to have fun and eat well. A handful of people can’t supply all these tourists with the cakes, donuts and birthday cakes they require. How can there be so many freaking birthdays? I would like to see the statistics for Leo’s loving the beach.

I could just make birthday cakes all day and they would get sold. However, we are supposed to make all the other cakes and pies, too. My counter-part burned out yesterday with two ‘special order’ cakes left to go. She’s going in early to finish them.

I iced birthday cakes all afternoon on Wednesday and yesterday (Friday) they were all gone. We have four birthday cakes ready-to-go; chocolate and vanilla 6″ X 8″ and 8″ X 12″.  We ice them and put them in the freezer then decorate them as they go out for display. Every time someone takes a cake it means getting another out; adding sprinkles, flowers and leaves. Yesterday, I just put in some “Happy Birthday” plastic picks with plastic pick decos to make it faster. They still sold. I groan silently when I see someone pick one up.  Nooooo…….

Too many times they pick up the 8X6 and say “could you write Happy Birthday _____, _____ and __________ on this?”   You want to say…… “Look at the size of this cake. And you want me to write all that”

Last night I had a full sink of ‘dishes’ which are baking sheets, muffin pans, scoops, spoons, knives, etc. I was interrupted more times than I can count……. sometimes it’s just a kid wanting a cookie but a few times it’s someone with a birthday cake. “Could you write on this…..?”  And then replace it in the display case.

This week started out with a break in my schedule but ended up badly. I worked last night: he phoned me on Thursday saying he forgot to put someone on Friday night, would I come in? Only 5:00 to 10:00.  Sure. I’ll do that. Saturday night (tonight) he had me on 5:00 to 10:00….. but yesterday he asked if I would come in at 2:00.  Actually he asked, “Do you want to come in at 2:00 tomorrow?”  I laughed. “Do I want to?  hahahaha….. no, but I will”

I never finish at 10:00.  Last night I worked as fast as I could and got done at 10:35.

My lawn mower doesn’t work and my lawn is long. I’m going into work serving people having a fun summer. No friends, no fun, no help….. it just goes on and on.  Weekends? Holidays? Not for me.

If you are wondering what this bummer blog is about…. its Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Here’s the new banner:




6 thoughts on “Step Away From the Birthday Cakes

  1. You should have a secret cache of “Happy Birthday Larry Curly and Moe” cakes. If someone asks for anything idiotic, (like a bunch of writing on a small cake) they get one of those, free of charge, in the face.

  2. Poor you! I can feel your frustration through the screen. Hope you get some rest soon … preferably before you start telling your customers to stop having sex in the fall. 😉

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