Please Enthuse Me

socs-badgeThe Steam of Consciousness prompt is “enthuse”.   What is the opposite of enthused? because that’s what I am.  I am the proverbial ‘dead horse’. Too many days at work with too long hours is taking its toll on my mind and body.

Yesterday was bad enough starting at 8:00 in the morning and trying to do everything as fast as I can. Then my counter-part cake person comes in at 10:00 and is a raging bitch all day. We are low on stock and she has lots of special cake orders so the underlying theme was that I’m not making enough cakes and pies for the hundreds of customers taking them off the shelves.

Some people like to be angry. It gives them something to chew on, it gives them energy, like their own venom. Smokers are often like that because as the urge to have a smoke increases, the agitation increases then…. SWOOSH… you can take a break, have that smoke and complain how incompetent everyone else is. Release!

She had two smoke breaks before I went for lunch which was 4 hours into my shift.  I could go on about how horrible she was but I can’t be bothered to type it. She creates the opposite of enthusiasm in the work place. I’m dragging my ass in there to begin with and now there’s the extra added crap of her bitchiness.

I have to work today/tonight 2:00 to 10:00 but I don’t get done at 10:00 anymore because there is just too much to do. We are open to 11:00 and I usually stay; I have to finish cleaning, there can’t be any product out that’s not bagged. There are still customers late at night who want birthday cakes, pastries;  a gourmet cupcake in a one-cupcake box.

I am beyond caring. It’s all I can do to go in there and try to work without letting that witch get to me. I don’t care if someone can’t get the cake or the pie they want. There are lots of others; sometimes we are out of something:  SO WHAT!

I just remembered one exception that happened yesterday.  A couple came with a little boy and wanted a Thomas the Train birthday cake for Sunday morning. I went over to ‘her’ to ask if she could do it. She bit my head off.  I went back and said “I’m sorry, we are swamped with orders…..” The little boy started to cry. I gave him a cookie.  She came up to me after and whispered “you can’t please everybody”.

Yeah, I’m just using Stream of Con. to vent.  I dread going in this afternoon and working all night. Then get home, wash out my apron because I have to be in tomorrow morning.

I am so very, very unenthused.

2 thoughts on “Please Enthuse Me

  1. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I firmly believe people get into the habit of being angry and complaining so they don’t have to look at their own mess. (I’m talking about your co-worker.) As a former smoker, it makes sense for non-smokers to have smoke breaks-call it what you want. One relaxing thing about smoking is that you breathe deeply, so you could take a breathing break. For some reason, I’m hearing a, “Yeah, right, they’ll be enthused about that alright.” Well, maybe a bathroom break that takes as long as a smoke break. Obviously you need more help. I hope there are parts of your job you can enjoy, and that you have a lovely time off when it comes.

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