Style Icon; that’s me alright

Yes, style. I have great style however those are my ‘good’ clothes and I very rarely wear them anywhere. At one point in my life I said “no more ‘good’ clothes I never wear! I’ll wear good stuff everyday!”

Trouble is, ‘good’ clothes aren’t as comfortable and they get slopped on. I need comfort and ease at home.

For example, the other day I was about to step outside when I thought what I was wearing was too hilarious to be caught by anyone…..  and I’m hidden from neighbours!

At home I wear my ‘house’ pajama pants and t-shirt inside-out so I don’t feel the seams. If I’m doing dishes or cooking, I wear an apron (I have many). The most comfortable footwear is socks ‘n sandals and ‘croc’ sandals need socks.

I’ve gotten used to wearing a hair net at work and found it’s good at home, too. My hair is mid-length so keeping it off my face and neck feels great in hot weather.

This day I didn’t even bother to draw on any eyebrows. So head to foot: black ankle socks and croc sandals, pajama pants and old tank top inside-out, apron, hair-net and, for the final touch, a toothpick in my mouth.

Before I stepped outside I took off the apron and the hair net and threw away the toothpick. I’m still sane enough to care if I look crazy.

Work is a different story. Work is the reason I demand such comfort at home; black polyester pants, a white cotton/polyester blend button-down shirt with short sleeves, a black apron and a black baseball hat.  Most days I have to clean it when I get home to wear it the next day. Saturday night I got home at 11:25 p.m. and had to wash it to be in the next morning at 10:00. Working on cakes, I get a lot of icing on everything: my apron gets covered, my pants get dripped on, chocolate icing always gets on my shirts somehow (I have two) and my hat gets bad pushing it up all the time.

But tonight….. tonight I’m getting out my good clothes and going to see Minions with my grand-niece. She’s 13 so I wouldn’t want to embarrass her.  I’ll be wearing my mauve skinny jeans, some pretty blue top and an ivory ‘biker’ jacket.

I have to say, since we’re talking style icon, those mauve jeans turned out to be the best thing. Blue seems to be my default colour but many blues clash with each other or don’t match jeans. Mauve goes with blue: every blue top I have looks good with those mauve jeans.

I’m stepping out tonight!


just kidding……  I wear cotton granny-pants inside-out.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”