Hot and Bothered

Boy, do I ever feel like life is giving me the short stick these days.  The girl who is my counterpart at work quit with one days notice. The other girl, who is the main cake decorator is away for 3 days. My boss phoned my on my day off last week and gave me my new schedule; 5 days a week on 7 hour shifts.

The weekend was the usual crazy busy but Monday was even worse.  I was trying my best to re-stock our empty trays but I also had special cake orders. One was a half-slab (which is a very large cake), half chocolate and vanilla, with golf theme. The regular cake decorator left me a picture of how she does it making water out of glaze and blue dye and sand traps out of graham crumbs to make it look like a golf course. On her picture she had “Happy Birthday Harry”.  I finally got it done, (too slow for my boss) then saw the order said “Happy 80th Birthday Harry”. ” FFFUUU…….!” I silently mouthed. I got it in but not centered properly.

I stayed an extra hour making it an 8 hour day with one half hour break.

Yesterday I was still pretty tired and to had drive downtown on a stinking hot day (my car has no air conditioning) for a root canal. Not only was it downtown it was on a one-way street so I had to make sure I approached it the right way or I’d be driving around huge blocks of downtown traffic.  I final got on the damn road, narrow lanes and people driving way too fast, when the traffic stopped. There was a mail truck stopped at mail box with no mail person in sight.  I was third in line behind it as the left lane whizzed past us.  We waited and waited……. finally it was my turn for getting enough break in the traffic to get around it….. still no mail person in sight.

I was so relieved to find the clinic and it’s parking lot I almost felt happy for a moment. But that was fleeting when I found out I had no coverage whatsoever and it was going to cost a lot of money.

I was feeling close to tears as I filled out the health history forms. A delivery person came in, a woman, and started to talk about shopping with the receptionists. “I bought this T-shirt at the Gap for $7 dollars……!” that sort of thing….. but on and on. My mind was starting to say “shut up already”. I finished my forms and took them to the desk.  The delivery woman had a Canada Post shirt on….. the little truck was parked outside the office blocking some poor shmucks like me.

It took 2 hours. Apparently, the whole office had been on vacation the week before. They all talked about where they went and what they did over top of me like I was just a thing. I have to say in my many, many years of dental work, this was the rudest thing I’d ever experienced.

And cost $700. I put in on my credit card….. ouch.  I drove home sweating, with a frozen face and sick over the money.

The only reason I have time to write this is that I went to bed really early to try and get rested. I woke up at 5:30 and tried my best to get back to sleep but couldn’t.

I’m supposed to work all weekend and miss my grand-nieces birthday party. I’m going to beg, BEG to get that day off.

I am off tomorrow….. nothing they can say will make me go in.  I am going to relax, eat and watch TV. Thankfully, I have air conditioning in my house.

Thank You for listening, there may be many mistakes, I don’t have time to edit ….. I have to go to work now.

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