Ta-Daa! (almost)

The ceiling is done!  Almost. It’s sunny today and I can see places in the kitchen I would like to go over. Damn it. I was thinking I would never scrutinize the ceiling again but this spot is over the island where I prepare food. I will look at it. Some scrutinizing person will look at it and say, “You missed a spot.”

Fortunately, I didn’t take the bags off the fan yet. It was cloudy and dark the day I painted: I suspected the sunlight would reveal some misses.

I really didn’t want to paint today because I have to work tonight and don’t want to be too tired and ornery. It’s beautiful outside and I’ve been in this house for 4 days….. alone: I’m feeling a little crazy.

It won’t take long to go over that spot and since I’ll have the paint out, I can go over the glossy white trim. The kitchen/dining area is very small with French Doors to the outside, a door to the guest room and a window so it’s very broken up. I’m going to paint the trim and doors all the same colour as the walls so they don’t pop out so much. A coat of flat white paint over the glossy will ensure good coverage.

So little more painting this morning then I’m going outside even if it is to wash some windows…. at least it’s something else!

In the next few days I’ll be picking up my colour samples and working. I don’t have my schedule for next week so I don’t know when I will resume The Paint Job. It seems like a long time since I’ve been at work….. I’m very pleased I made good use of this time.

It’s been great documenting this and being cheered along! Thanks for your support: it’s great having encouragement!

I finally got the flash back on the camera. The nook;



Day 3 Painting

If I was twenty years younger…….  this would have been a one day job.

Yesterday I did the hallway which wasn’t too bad as there is no clutter to work around. I worked down the line taking tarps and newspapers with me.  At the end of the hallway there is a 7 X 8 foot nook…. just a little more ceiling to go but I had to leave it for today. In this nook is my sewing machine and computer and the worst clutter of all. I told myself I was going to clean it up and file it all winter but I didn’t. It’s a mess I can hide with my fancy room divider.

(I took a photo but I can’t bear to post it;  it’s just too humiliating.)

It’s been cloudy and rainy for all these days so I can’t fully enjoy my handy-work yet. I had to bring out floor lamps and any extra lighting I could get yesterday. I sure hope the sunshine doesn’t reveal any missed spots!

The finished hallway; the hidden nook to the right;


I’m going to cover everything in plastic sheets and finish this ceiling today!

The Paint Job ; part 2

OK! Thanks to Maggie and Helen I’m going to post this project to the end. I was laying in bed, hot-flashing, last night thinking ‘now I HAVE to do it.’  Earlier I could foresee dragging this on over the summer but this will spur me on to finish much faster.

Yesterday I wrote about procrastinating then pushed myself into starting. I found at least an hour’s worth of ‘things to do first’; like this;

003 protect the ceiling fan.

I had bought a 25 foot roll of plastic and cut it up into 8 ft. sections for Phil Monstera, the cabinets and island. (Yes, most older Canadians still use the archaic measurements when it comes to feet vs. metres) At the time I didn’t realize I’d be documenting the project so I didn’t take photos of everything covered but here’s what my kitchen will look like for a while;



Yesterday was unseasonable warm and humid so I sweated profusely all day; cursing and irritable, it was like a 3 hour hot-flash. I even shed a few tears at the end; “I hate this!”, I blubbered.

Yes, I said 3 hours. When I finally tapped out and felt I could do no more….. it was only 3 hours. That’s age, folks. You can be healthy and feisty and raring to go on a project but you only have so much energy. It’s a bummer! I just can’t do what I used to do!

I realized that last week when I went to dig out a crowded, old shrub….. I just can’t work as hard any more! I just stared at it for a minute then walked away, forlorn.  Is that ‘over the hill’?

Well, ‘one foot in front of the other’; ‘do what I can do’ and all that.

That crisp white ceiling looks so good! Too bad it’s cloudy today; but here it is anyway.


Here’s where I start today;

006You can make out the line where I left off at the cabinets. (The bookshelf and rugs are pulled out from the kitchen)

Here I go again……


I Can No Longer Procrastinate

I finally took the first steps to start painting. There are no excuses now; I bought the paint and have five days off. The weather is warm enough to open the windows.

Yesterday I prepared the kitchen; cleared the walls and cupboard tops; washing away cobwebs and smoke-stained corners (wood smoke; not cigarette).

The plant corner was a jungle: I had to rip aerial roots off the walls and floor. I have gigantic Philodendron that is way too big for this house but I don’t want to kill it. If a third person sits at my table, they have to sit under leaves. I’m hoping my niece, who is house hunting,will have a good home for it. It needs a big room.  For now I cut a big plastic sheet to cover it and have to move it around.


The ceiling in my kitchen joins the hallway and goes down to my computer/sewing nook: it’s one long ceiling so once started, I must continue. That’s one reason I’ve been putting it off: it’s a big job.

I’m a big procrastinator to begin with but I’m really fighting with myself on this job. I just prepared yesterday….. but couldn’t make myself actually start painting.

The other reason I’ve been putting it off is that I couldn’t make the final decision on what colour to paint the walls or what back-splash to order. Finally I’ve decided and now I’m excited to get the ceiling done and start the kitchen.

I saw it on Downton Abby in the Crawley House; a pale pastel green but with a hint of blue;  soft sea-foam. When I saw the room my eyeballs went. “ooooo! that’s it!”

I decided on a white back-splash and the cupboards stay ‘wood’ but I’ll dress them up with some oiling and hopefully be able to afford some fancy knobs. ( have turquoise crystals in mind but they may not exist) Sadly, I can’t afford new counter tops but my white with black flecked original Formica is still in good condition and will blend in with the new changes.

Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m all ready to start painting but I’m sitting at my computer talking about what it’s going to look like when I’m done.

I finished my coffee: stop procrastinating!