Life After Painting

It’s so nice to be able to open the windows first thing in the morning. The woods behind me has birch trees which make a beautiful rustling sound; soft and relaxing. Birds are singing and no one has turned on any motors yet. Oh, I wish I could stay here today, all day.


I worked last night until 10:00. It was a good night. We have new cakes that are pre-filled; no more cutting  huge slabs of cake in half  (lengthwise!) filling them then cutting to various sizes. Now there are blocks of pre-filled 3 layer cakes that are smaller and easier to work with. I cracked off three trays of bar cakes; Snickers, Chocolate Fudge and Cookies ‘n Crème bars. I was laughing at myself that I dreaded going in so much. I’m making chocolate cake, for Pete’s Sake!

There is a lot of cleaning, mopping and trying-to-go-very-fast at night so it’s exhausting but the joy of arriving home, taking off that uniform and hitting the couch makes it all worth while.

Someone said I should post when I’m all done my kitchen. I don’t know when that will be as I haven’t ordered the back-splash.  I have to watch my money carefully and don’t want to spend any extra right now. Last week I put things back up. Above the cupboards I have an old tea set and antique glasses. I laid down some white string lights and taped them down where they were sticking up. It’s such a beautiful light at night. I wanted to capture it and took 9 photos. Photos with the flash were no good. Photos on the step-ladder showed the lights too much. Finally I settled on no flash and holding it over my head but couldn’t get a good focus. Then I thought, “What the hell am I doing? That’s long enough.”

008 (2)

I have to take my car in for a minor repair but at least that will get me out to buy some flowers. If I didn’t have to go out today, I probably wouldn’t.

The wind rustling the trees, the birds chirping…… I must away but I shall return.