Where does ‘kelp’ come from and why does that pop into my mind? I don’t know; I don’t eat it or live near the ocean.

Today Is Stream of Conciousness Saturday, the prompt is ‘ke’….. the babbling brook that is my mind. I can’t just stick my toe in…. I have to go with the current.

Keen. I’m keen to get outside today but my body is aching and I have a work hangover. I babysat yesterday, which was wonderful, then I went into work right away because they needed my help desperately. I kept singing, “Here I come to save the daaaay!” like Mighty Mouse.

Holy Shit they were so busy and there was so much work. I iced cakes for the cake decorator who was in her 9th hour of work and still had cake orders. After that one of the teenagers and I ‘preped’ bread and buns….. racks and racks of them….. and boxed cookies. Boxing cookies is one of my favourite jobs.

I did stacks and stacks of dishes while she cleaned everything else. Yeah, she’s a teenager…. she can leave things I would never leave.

My body is aching. oh yeah, I said that and can’t erase it. That would be cheating.

I better go now before I make a complete fool of myself. It’s beautiful day to be outside!

5 thoughts on “Kelp.?

  1. “Work hangover.” Now I know what to call it when I feel exhausted. Though mine is usually more mental, I do find I need to stretch my back out on a comfy bed for about twenty minutes after a day of mostly sitting at the computer. On a purely intuitive level, I wonder if kelp would be good for you. I would love to go snorkeling or scuba diving in a kelp forest. Take care of yourself, and enjoy the day!

  2. Work exhausted I can relate to, sounds like a job that is extremely busy, good thing you must be a fit woman to keep up….but I am sure you have rested up ready to go again.

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