Finished….. for now.

OK. that’s it. I’m putting my kitchen back today. I thought I might want a third coat on the last wall but its not necessary and I have to get my house back.


Yesterday I left all this mess because my sister and I visited my aunt in the hospital. It’s a very sad place to be; the geriatrics ward. She is crying that she wants to go back home but they might not let her. She really is too far gone for independent living except she can afford a private nurse. They assessed her yesterday but, of course, we haven’t heard yet if they will let her go back or needs to be in a nursing home. They can extend life so long now but to what end? It’s no life for her.

Fortunately I have a couple of happy things to look forward to; maybe babysitting my grandnephew tomorrow and Saturday a teenager is coming here to get ready for her prom: my nieces’ step-sister whom I’ve known since she was little. She lives in a happy but chaotic home and needs some space and privacy to get ready. Not having kids, I’ve never experienced the excitement of Prom Night….. now I can!  Ain’t life funny?

Since I’m working tonight and tomorrow night (yeah, 5:00 to 10:00) I have to get this all cleaned up right now. I’m not even going to wait for the Daily Prompt which doesn’t come out for another 40 minutes.  The hallway painting can wait….. I’ll be moving on to the outside next week. Flowers!

My new and probably ex friend hasn’t tried to contact me. That’s OK with me. This came up on Facebook this morning from a friend on Facebook which I think is very appropriate;


This friend has a story to tell and I’ve encouraged her to tell it. She doesn’t post very often but did yesterday. I hope she keeps writing;

Well, I have to clean up this mess NOW!

Edit, footnote: Oh my god…… I just checked the Reader with a huge photo of my mess….  How humiliating!