Social Misfit

This should be a post on how I finished painting my kitchen but I didn’t do it so I’ll write about why I didn’t do it. We all like that…..  other people let life get in their way, too!

I wrote how I worked Friday night until 10:00 and got home late. I was achy and tired the next day; my intention was to paint for a few more hours then relax.

Around 11:30 my new friend phoned and said her sister was invited to a BBQ and would I be their DD. “Sure!” I said. I’m vegetarian and don’t drink so BBQ’s aren’t really my ‘thing’ but I wasn’t going to say no to doing something. She said she would phone back to tell me what time. I started to tape and get ready to paint assuming it was nighttime.

She phoned back and said to be there at 3:45. That was just a few hours away. Damn, I said, I’m really tired; I had already told her what a bad night I had and not much sleep: I hope I could fit in a nap. Then she asked me if I would go to the store and get pineapple for her fruit tray. I laughed.

“I’m not going to the grocery store on a Saturday on a long weekend!”

“oh” she sounded put off.  I told her what I was making: I had some Pillsbury crescents for cheese things and some ciabatta bread I would add mozzarella to.

“I guess that will be OK” she said unconvincingly.

I didn’t get a nap. There was a half-hour to rest but I didn’t fall asleep. I got up, got ready and really did NOT want to go, but I HAVE to do social things. I’d kick my self if I said no and my sister would kill me.

I got to my friend’s house and she just starting to cut up her watermelon. She was already into the wine and a little tipsy but fun. We walked around her house while she pointed out what was wrong and what she was going to change, then the yard…….. then the neighbourhood. At one point we entered someone’s back yard and she yelled, “Hey…..are you in there?”  Luckily, he wasn’t.

When we were leaving she took a bottle of wine and put a small, opened liquor into her purse.

We finally got to her sisters who hadn’t started her salad yet. She had also invited a DD so I was off the hook which was a great relief because the BBQ was not close by, in an unfamiliar location and it was a new moon so very dark outside.

We still got there early; one of the first arrivals.

Rather than relate the whole night I will get to the point; my friend got pissed drunk. I’m talking stumbling, non-communicative, screaming drunk.

(Don’t worry about her reading this; she’s never been interested in reading my blog; even when I put my April Fool’s Day post on Facebook and told her to read it, she never did and never does.)

There was a live band who were really good and played music I liked; thank God! I took a place beside the camp fire and listened to the band. My friend was the first one up to dance; by herself, right in front of the band, waving her arms and yelling, “Wooo, wooo!”

She tried to get me up to dance but I wanted to wait until a few more people were also dancing. She got quite pushy about it. As a matter of fact, she got a little belligerent at times with me or her sister. There was no communicating with her, she couldn’t pay attention to what was said.

I wish I could make a video clip of this;  The phone conversation; “oh, it’s early, we’ll be leaving by 10:30…. 11:00. I’m usually in bed by then.” Cut to midnight; she’s standing right in front of the band, arms waving “whooooo…..whooooo….. whooooo……!” etc.

I’m enjoying my spot by the campfire and the music but she thinks I should be dancing. I didn’t feel like dancing and the more someone tries to talk me into something I don’t want to do….. the less likely I am to do it. I hate being bullied.  On top of that she’s so drunk she doesn’t know she’s being downright rude.

The band ended at 1:00 after the second round of Mustang Sally. Finally we could go. I wanted to go home so badly. But we couldn’t find my friend.

I had been waiting for her and her sister in the truck because I couldn’t stand outside holding the lawn chairs any longer. Her sister was calling her, everyone was looking for her. They went on the microphone and called her name. Finally the host said, “We found her!” She was in their bathroom passing out.

We had hard time getting her to the truck and she kept asking if we had her purse, over and over.

Driving her home from her sisters she didn’t know where we were and I certainly didn’t. I wanted to cry. Finally we found her road and I dropped her off.

I got home at 2:00 a.m. on the dot. I ripped off my clothes and kissed my couch.

The next morning I thought two things might happen; that she would call and say she was sorry she got so drunk or that I wasn’t fun.

She phoned and said she had a great time and she “should’ve gotten me up dancing.”  I told her she tried to get me to dance many times but I was too tired and just not into it. She said, “So you don’t like to dance and have fun.”

Actually, I do. I do like to dance and have fun.

She doesn’t go on Facebook much except to post ‘quotes’.  this was up this morning.

changeDo you think it might be aimed at me?


Ah, sigh. What could I do except counter her Facebook wisdom with my own;

reply 5

I have more from Google I’m saving;

reply 4

reply 1


reply 3

Google’s got a million of them!


So I didn’t paint again yesterday.  I woke up early as usual with just a few hours sleep and my ‘friend’ on my mind. After she phoned and we had the short, uncomfortable conversation….. I felt even worse.

Today I’m going to resume painting….. I hope.

I like me.  I like the way I am.  One good thing she did is remind me of why I quit drinking.