Stick to it


I worked until 10:00 last night. Yeah, I said I wouldn’t work past 9:00 but on Thursday I was told I’d be working until 10:00 now. I tried to talk to my boss about it, saying I’d filled out an ‘availability’ form that I would only work until 9:00 and I was way too old for this.  He shrugged. “This shift goes until 10:00 now”

Luckily there were two of us because there was way too much work for one preparing for the long weekend rush. We still went like crazy to do it all. I found out all kinds of things the young people don’t do or fudge. A real eye-opener.

Many people say I should just quit my job but I’m sticking to it. I will not slink away and let him do this. Next week I’m going over his head to the big boss.

The upside of all this is I have the whole weekend off! So many students coming in this weekend being trained there’s not enough room for me.  Those people taking my job have a wild and crazy weekend ahead of them. And for a cherry on top, a new girl starts today in the bakery and she has pastry chef experience so the other girls are feeling threatened. How does it feeeel?

I feel beat up; the work hangover. Of course, I wake up at 6:30. I didn’t get home until 10:40 at night. Stayed up until 1:30 drifting in and out of sleep, then wake up too early. Extra coffee day.

I can stick to my painting! Yesterday I did a couple of hours and got a little more done.


Maybe I’ll even finish it this weekend. I hope to do something with friends but that might not happen.

One last thought on “stick”: I wish I could tell them where to stick that job.

Going to make another pot of coffee now……

4 thoughts on “Stick to it

  1. So sorry to hear they are making life difficult for you. I’ve often wondered this about “meh” jobs…and by “meh” I mean job-jobs. Not great jobs but jobs that are quite do-able and could almost be pleasant EXCEPT some middle-management, in an effort to assert that they matter, end up making things miserable for everyone. A “meh” job that wouldn’t be so bad becomes the job from hell and for NO GOOD REASON. I’ll be thinking about you and hope going over the supervisor’s head works…that’s always a dicey one.

    • No, we are open until 10:00 in the summer only…. it used to be 11:00! Our big boss is a corporation. If you can’t work their hours then look for another job.

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