Today’s prompt asks us to reveal what makes us jealous. That’s such a harsh word that I don’t think I feel jealousy.  That feels like “why should SHE have that and not me?” and be mad or dislike them for it. Being a strong believer in Karma, I don’t ask those kind of questions.

But I do get envious, which sounds more like, “I wish I had that.” but you’re still happy for the person that has it.

The people I envy the most are retired ladies with wonderful husbands, kids and grandchildren and don’t have to worry about money at all. It must be so wonderful to just plan your day around the people you love; to have a supportive spouse who loves you and wants to see you happy, who helps around the house and yard. If it’s big job, you hire someone. You can plan on things you want to do together, like ‘outings’ and vacations.

The weekend is coming up so you get into your comfortable car and go stock up on great food for your visiting family and/or friends. Or plan on visiting them. Your calendar is filled with things to do, people to see, places to go.

This weekend is extra special; Mother’s Day. They will be loved and pampered and get lovely cards and presents saying how wonderful they are. They will be swooning with love and joy.

I see women like this at work, shopping, and I envy them but I don’t feel bitterness toward them… I just wonder if they know how very lucky they are.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Lady.”

2 thoughts on “Envious

  1. Exactly! I’ve been around people who were truly mad/upset that their “friend” won a prize (or whatever) and they didn’t. I can’t figure out that thinking! (I don’t want to!) But, yes, envious. The big sigh. The long gaze. Another sigh. Whether it is about finances or family or relationships or… whatever. Yeah. “I’m happy for you, truly.” sigh “But I wish I had some, too.”

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