Ta-Daa! (almost)

The ceiling is done!  Almost. It’s sunny today and I can see places in the kitchen I would like to go over. Damn it. I was thinking I would never scrutinize the ceiling again but this spot is over the island where I prepare food. I will look at it. Some scrutinizing person will look at it and say, “You missed a spot.”

Fortunately, I didn’t take the bags off the fan yet. It was cloudy and dark the day I painted: I suspected the sunlight would reveal some misses.

I really didn’t want to paint today because I have to work tonight and don’t want to be too tired and ornery. It’s beautiful outside and I’ve been in this house for 4 days….. alone: I’m feeling a little crazy.

It won’t take long to go over that spot and since I’ll have the paint out, I can go over the glossy white trim. The kitchen/dining area is very small with French Doors to the outside, a door to the guest room and a window so it’s very broken up. I’m going to paint the trim and doors all the same colour as the walls so they don’t pop out so much. A coat of flat white paint over the glossy will ensure good coverage.

So little more painting this morning then I’m going outside even if it is to wash some windows…. at least it’s something else!

In the next few days I’ll be picking up my colour samples and working. I don’t have my schedule for next week so I don’t know when I will resume The Paint Job. It seems like a long time since I’ve been at work….. I’m very pleased I made good use of this time.

It’s been great documenting this and being cheered along! Thanks for your support: it’s great having encouragement!

I finally got the flash back on the camera. The nook;