The Paint Job ; part 2

OK! Thanks to Maggie and Helen I’m going to post this project to the end. I was laying in bed, hot-flashing, last night thinking ‘now I HAVE to do it.’  Earlier I could foresee dragging this on over the summer but this will spur me on to finish much faster.

Yesterday I wrote about procrastinating then pushed myself into starting. I found at least an hour’s worth of ‘things to do first’; like this;

003 protect the ceiling fan.

I had bought a 25 foot roll of plastic and cut it up into 8 ft. sections for Phil Monstera, the cabinets and island. (Yes, most older Canadians still use the archaic measurements when it comes to feet vs. metres) At the time I didn’t realize I’d be documenting the project so I didn’t take photos of everything covered but here’s what my kitchen will look like for a while;



Yesterday was unseasonable warm and humid so I sweated profusely all day; cursing and irritable, it was like a 3 hour hot-flash. I even shed a few tears at the end; “I hate this!”, I blubbered.

Yes, I said 3 hours. When I finally tapped out and felt I could do no more….. it was only 3 hours. That’s age, folks. You can be healthy and feisty and raring to go on a project but you only have so much energy. It’s a bummer! I just can’t do what I used to do!

I realized that last week when I went to dig out a crowded, old shrub….. I just can’t work as hard any more! I just stared at it for a minute then walked away, forlorn.  Is that ‘over the hill’?

Well, ‘one foot in front of the other’; ‘do what I can do’ and all that.

That crisp white ceiling looks so good! Too bad it’s cloudy today; but here it is anyway.


Here’s where I start today;

006You can make out the line where I left off at the cabinets. (The bookshelf and rugs are pulled out from the kitchen)

Here I go again……