It’s Hard Being Me

The prompt today from

is about mistakes. One of the pictures was;


This could be my boss. I make stupid mistakes then I realize it about 30 seconds to a minute later. This is exactly how he looked last week when I realized I was topping banana cream pies but forgot to put a layer of bananas on the bottom.  In my own defense, I’ve been on nights, cleaning for months and haven’t made banana cream pies for a long time.

Another time I was topping some chocolate fudge cakes and knew something didn’t look right. Then, my brain prickled, my face grew hot: I hadn’t put the ‘sides’ on. (The sides of the cake are smeared in icing and dipped in cookie crumbs.)  My boss was on his break so I rushed at trying to get sides on; not easy when they are topped with fudge icing. It was an “I Love Lucy” moment.

Half way through I could see him coming…. ‘maybe he’ll walk by me.’ I thought. He must have seen the panicked look on my face because he walked right up and stood very close to me.

“hehehe”…… I forgot the sides” I smiled.

He did that look.

It happens on cash, too, which is even scarier because we’re talking about money. Cake is just cake but money is serious.

I hadn’t been on cash for almost a week (lame excuse, I know) and jumped on with a woman holding a rain check. I rang her stuff through and voided the items. I didn’t “change price”, I voided the items. As she left I went to fill out the form on ‘price changes’.  I looked at the price I was supposed to fill in ….. $2. My brain prickled and a severe hot flash ensued. I slapped my forehead.

“What’s up, honey?” My supervisor was walking by. I told her what I did and she laughed. (She is also menopausal) I was punishing myself enough. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”. I was burning up.

Call it old age brain farts; I have them bad.

2 thoughts on “It’s Hard Being Me

  1. I can so relate to this. I worry about what DOH! stuff I’ve got coming my way with a week of training and then on-the-job. “DOH! I lost your medical record!”?

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