‘Nights’ vs. ‘Mornings’

Tonight I’m working 5:00 to 9:00; a four-hour shift cleaning the bakery. I remember back when they told me they wanted me to work nights, I cried. I really didn’t want to, thought I would hot flash too much and be too tired.

Turns out I was wrong. Surprisingly, I don’t mind it at all. Here is the list of reasons I like the night shift better than mornings.

First; the plus side of nights:

#1:  I don’t have to go to bed early or set the alarm. I have time to write a post, do some housework, have nice lunch followed by a nap. Coffee before I go in and once I hit those blaring fluorescent lights, I’m raring to go! I’m home at 9:30: that’s not too late.

#2:  I can clean, oh yeah, I can clean. It’s one of my finer honed skills. There is not much room for error. No one comes in and says I’m doing it wrong. In fact…..

#3: …..no one see me at all unless they want bread sliced. I work on my own.

#4: Four hours goes pretty fast, I barely get time for my 15 minute break to eat my cheese sandwich. It’s not like the afternoon shift where, if you aren’t finished, you just stay later.  On the ‘closing shift’ if you are not done at 9:00 you will feel the wrath of your co-workers. I’ve learned the hard way; leave some crumbs and/or fake the temperature reports but be done at 8:55. Everyone wants to punch out at 9:00.


Most other older people prefer the early morning shift because you are finished work early in the afternoon. I thought I would like that better, too, just go to bed early and set the alarm.  It turns out I really hate going in early. Here’s why;

#1: I have to set the alarm.

#2: I have to go to bed early enough the night before to get enough sleep because I set the alarm. I’ll wake up hot-flashing two or three times panicking that I slept through the alarm.

#3; I have to get up extra early because I can’t rush. I have to ease into my morning with 2 coffees, grooming and body functions. I really don’t like rushing.

#3; People say “you have the rest of the day”. Sure, but you’re so freaking tired you don’t want to do anything! After a busy morning on cash, I’ll come home and sleep away a good part of the afternoon. I can’t help it; I have to lie down and once I do; I’m out like a light and sleep too long.

#4: Serving those early morning customers that are waiting at the door at 8:00 a.m. What, are they nuts? And they are usually the chirpy, cheery types,…. god help them; and I have to act chirpy and cheery back. It’s horrible!  Early in the morning you are usually the only cashier (besides the Courtesy Desk)  so you’re sticking out like a sore thumb…. you are ‘ON’ for everyone in the store; employees, bosses and customers. It’ hell, HELL, I tell you!

#5;  If you’re on cash early, you have to clean the public washroom. Once the other cashiers come in, we take turns getting shopping carts outside or doing the washrooms. I do carts when I have a choice; rain or shine. Apparently, there are many people who feel OK pooping there. That’s because they rush out too early before they’ve finished their bodily functions and they don’t care about going in a pubic washroom.


I’m on 5:00 to 9:00 for a the next two days (nights). Easy peasy! The worst part, like any job, is going in. I will always feel like a little kid, stomping around, fake crying, “I don’t wanna go….!”  but feel just great when I’m finished and come home. Basically, I’ll spend all day getting ready for coming home tonight.

Soon we will be going to ‘summer hours’ …opening 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. I put on my ‘availability’ sheet I would only work 9:00 until 9:00.  I wonder what will happen…… much as I like nights…. I will try to refuse to working until 11:00 at night; that’s too late.  And please, please don’t ask me to go in at 6:00 a.m…… that’s just cruel!