The Hippy Trail

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monicle's chronicles

W.P. # 92    These are the trips I made.

Fresh out of high school my boyfriend, Bob, and I starting working towards a trip to Europe. In those days you could have a job and still save money. Air travel was affordable and there was a massive trek of hippies traveling all over Europe and as far as India.

We didn’t go that far but we traveled in a van for 9 months all around Europe and Morocco, back to Germany to earn some money then onto Yugoslavia, Greece, including Crete, then sold the van and flew to Lebanon. (That’s a whole other story)

We worked in an army-base grocery store for the summer in Germany, still living in our van in a big parking lot under a bridge that had a fresh spring. Locals would come and wash their car there. The police, both local and army, would check us out every once in a…

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