Sia Should Not Apologize

monicle's chronicles

I love dance; both dancing and watching good choreography. So much so, I have to admit to watching Dance Moms. The kids are really good dancers and, Ok, (blush) I find the bitching, feuding, overly amibitious mothers entertaining. I’m only admitting to it so I can talk about Maddie, the best dancer on the show who is featured in the Sia videos. She has also appeared on SNL with Sia.

It was on one of the shows I heard of her new video with Shia LaBeouf. The mothers were outraged that Maddie’s mother would allow her appear in this “horrible, disgusting” video. So I went to find it on YouTube.

I am blown away by this video. It’s fantastic. Shia LaBeouf is not a dancer, he’s an actor. Maddie is dancer but can act without words using her body and her face. This video is powerful…. its an image…

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