I Wish I was Handier

I recently lamented over my lack of confidence in doing home renovations. It looks like I’m not alone; it seems there are a lot of painting and home decorating commercials on TV. The masses paint in the spring.

I’m OK with painting although I’ve got a huge job and have to do it alone. I’m envious of my friend who’s husband is painting their whole house while she’s at work. Gosh, that would be nice. I will be balancing working enough to get the money vs. having enough time off to do it.

I really wish I was handier. I try hard and do a lot of things that most woman don’t do and I try to be proud of it but inside I’m whining and petulant.  That’s the main reason I’m not going to tile and grout a backsplash. I can just see myself leaned over the counter under the cupboards, spacing little tiles, getting ready to grout. I would be swearing like a sailor wondering why I ever started the damn project in the first place.

When I see those DYI things on Facebook, like gardening projects and pallet ideas, changing old doors into benches and the like, I wish I could just get out my table saw (no, I don’t have one) and other ‘right tools’ and just built things, like cabinets and shelves.

How about laundry rooms…. ever see those fabulous laundry rooms? My is awful. I dream about putting up shelves and trying to make it look nice but for now I’ll just close the door when people come over.

My front door enters right into my living-room. I would love to built an entrance/ coat rack as a room divider.

Next week I’m going to Home Depot to get the ball rolling. I hope I can pick out a back-splash that will inspire me ever further.

I’m ashamed to say; I’d wish I had a guy to do it. And have my dinner ready when I got home from work, too.


Here’s the stick on back splashes; has anyone used these? http://fasadeideas.com/Backsplash

2 thoughts on “I Wish I was Handier

  1. Ooooooh! I like the back splashes! Measure 50 times cut once, is my guess on those! And wear gloves. There are a LOT of potential projects with those, and look, they send samples!

    I think it is wise to know your limits on projects. I’m pretty handy but I know my realistic limits. On projects the hippy-dippy wish of “if you can dream it you can be it” is what creates a whole lot of really crappy end results. 😀

    As to spacing tiny tiles, that generally isn’t an issue (I think). I think those tiles come glued and pre-spaced on flexible open-weave backing. So, yes, you still have to grout, etc. but you don’t have to individually space.

    • Glad you said that because I’m changing my mind AGAIN. I’ve seen tiles that look much more casual and ‘beach cottage’. And cheaper!
      Yeah, I can do it!

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