No Mo’! (A SoCS rant)


I’ve got that knot in my left shoulder from working so hard in the bakery last night. My boss wanted me to make a tray of Fudge Bar Cakes before my usual cleaning and weigh some to see if they are within 50g of 375g.  The first one was 603 g the rest were in the high 500’s.

Lifting a large tray of bar cakes is where I first get the knot. Then it is strengthened by trying to pull stuffed garbage bags out of bins that are up to my waist, washing heavy trays and endless scoops while slightly bent over to reach the bottom of the sink, scraping burnt cheese off the oven floor and the final insult; mopping floors as fast as I can because the store is closing in 10 minutes.

I’m not going to work like that again. I wrote a note for the second time telling him; “there wasn’t enough time!!!!!”

This shift used to be 4:00 to 9:00. In the winter there is less to do and less clean up but Easter is coming, cakes are running out, the day crew makes a huge mess: they don’t even break down the corrugated cardboard boxes.

Now I’m coming in at 5:00 and he’s asking me to make a tray of cakes first! He aught naught do that!

Thank You, Stream of Consciousness Saturday for letting me get that off my chest. I was pissed off last night.

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