My Copper Beech

The first year I moved into this house, my ex came with some trees he’d bought at a reduced price and planted them for me. I was familiar with the Copper Beech but hadn’t lived with one before. Little did I know it would become my favourite tree.

I just have to turn my head to look at it now; the rising sun is reflecting on the dead, brown leaves turning them a copper colour. Even though it’s winter, the leaves are still on. They stay there until the fresh buds push them off in the spring. The winter wind rustles through the frozen leaves making a soft clicking sound that’s very soothing.

When the new leaves emerge in the spring they are, of course, copper coloured. They stay that way for a month or so then deepen into a burgundy-brown. Its a beautiful offset when everything is shades of green. I have always loved the form of beech trees: they look perfectly pruned with no work at all.

The first two winters here it was blown over in storms and the tip was buried in snow. I was worried it would snap but when I freed the tip, it sprung back. Now, it is too strong to be bent; it takes the wind and plays music with it.

In the fall, (must I repeat myself?) copper; gorgeous, glowing, reflecting sunlight…..copper!

The crab-apple trees are glorious in the spring. The evergreens hunker in for the winter trying their best to stay green. But the Copper Beech reflects the beauty of all four seasons.

I took this photo in the fall from my phone so it’s blurry but it does show it’s glory!



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