Go to Work, Go Home.

I was writing the “I have confidence in me” Daily Prompt but realized that I was writing about not having confidence in me. Not only that; it was boring.

I’ve been working 5 days a week and it’s hard at this age. I finally have a day off and I’m whipped. I call this my ‘work hang-over’; slight headache, stiff body, dry eyes and foggy brain. Perfect for Stream of Consciousness; my thoughts are barely a babbling brook.

Too many days on cash because too many cashiers are away in warm places. (That’s what they get for hiring retired people….. half of them are lucky enough to not spend their winters’ here!)  Even though they are five hour shifts, five hours of a constant line up will make any brain turn to mush.

And I’m not getting two days off in a row. That means I stay home a lot.  All I do anymore is go to work and go home.  This has been a rough week…. no way do I want to go anywhere today. I want to start a new jigsaw puzzle but I have to clean up the kitchen first. I had to drink my coffee from mug #3 today and that’s just not acceptable.

I taped Vikings on Thursday because I couldn’t stay awake. Watched it last night…… I love it! I want to shave the sides of my head.

Well, I’m going to shuffle off, get dressed and do those dishes. I’m so glad I’m not there.  Have a great day everyone!



6 thoughts on “Go to Work, Go Home.

  1. This just perfectly described nearly every job I’ve had. The one day off you get is spent doing laundry, dishes, scrubbing the bathroom and finally getting out the vacuum… I feel the pain of the brain drain too, and I’m sure more than a few other do also!

  2. Ugh! I know what you mean and I’m retired! Retired this past June and thought I’d have all the time I needed and more. Nope. Still using coffee mug #3 today! ( Loved that line)

  3. I’ve so been there.. the endless grind. I hope your lucky co-workers get their butts back soon!
    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to watch “Vikings” to see what it’s like… thanks for this! I might make it my next big thing to watch. 😀

  4. Oh, I so relate to work-hangovers like the one you describe. I love how you wrote this; you have a new reader in me! I also have an odd work schedule so sometimes I too stay in all day whenever I’m off. My mind wants to do more, but physically I just can’t…I hope you get some relief soon! At least on days like that we can feel like we’re getting out thanks to the Internet and blogging, right?! 🙂

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