Plead the Fifth!

OH, this is a short post;  What question do I hate to be asked?

“How old do you think I am?”

Women, please don’t ask that. I feel fear when I get asked that question. Obviously, that person thinks they look good for their age so you better guess low.

At this age you could be a healthy 60 or an unhealthy 50 and look the same.  Just because you die your hair, your face doesn’t look any younger.  You generally look younger not having grey hair.

I’ve been asked this by a co-worker and was present last week when she asked another that question. She dies her hair black and looks over reading glasses.  There could be a 15 year span of what her age might be. The other had the ‘deer-caught-in-the-headlights’ look.  She just said, “I’m 71!” and totally shocked the other (who is 57).

I feel bad for cashiers when they have to ask if you are a senior. There are some stores that give discounts on certain days of the month if you are over 60. That’s not even officially ‘senior’, which is 65.  I hope I never have to ask this at my store, “Are you a senior?”, then get that cold answer they are not.

I don’t mind one bit telling people I’m 62, especially if it means getting a discount! I would never say “Guess….” and give them a coy look.  Having grey-streaked hair, I’d be afraid of the answer.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

P.S.  Whenever I do the Daily Prompt, the title doesn’t appear in the Reader.  I keep trying to “enter” it but it won’t show up.  Any guesses?

3 thoughts on “Plead the Fifth!

  1. Hi. Nice post…personally I prefer the “short” posts (so I can get around to more bloggers posts more quickly). Age: why do people have such a hang-up about age? It’s not a exactly a “problem”.
    Re: DP posts. I don’t have any luck with them (and I posted a rant about it); sometimes the post shows up sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t posted one since the rant. I’ve been boycotting. Maybe I should post about Boycotting Daily Prompt?!

  2. You have me beat: I’ll be 62 in three more weeks.
    I worked as a cashier at a place that offered Senior’s Discount. At first I faithfully asked and some very older folks appreciated knowing we had one. But I also got some pretty indignant remarks from people in their 50’s. 😦

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