Ipperwash Beach

At the foot of Lake Huron we have the beautiful Ipperwash Beach, renowned for its sandy beach and clear, shallow, water; perfect for families with small children and dogs.

Image (51)

Ample parking space is available so beach lovers can enjoy the pristine nature and feel safe to let their kids play.   (Update; barriers have been removed so cars and trucks can drive on the beach.)

In the evening you can hear the sounds of whooping laughter, thumping bass guitars and the smell of campfires. Fireworks are popular all summer long: no special celebration required!  If you like to drink, BBQ and ‘rock-on’, you’ll love Ipperwash Beach…… a great place to let your pants hair down!


Perhaps peace, quiet and brooding is more to your liking: try a winter rental in a lakeside cottage for long days of bleak seclusion.

alone winter

Beside the once-renowned Ipperwash Park and close to the Pinery Provincial Park, Ipperwash Beach is a hidden jewel in southwestern Ontario.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.”      Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

6 thoughts on “Ipperwash Beach

  1. They should have kept the barriers to keep cars out.

    Seriously. Walking is healthy for most people. That is a beautiful beach. I’m more familiar with Bayfield area where a friend has her cottage.

    • No Kidding! Chief Tom Bressette took down the barriers illegally in October and its a huge issue around here! Of course we don’t want the cars on the beach! What’s even worse is that it’s become a race issue, too, creating a “we” vs. “them” mentality. It’s ‘under review’ right now.
      I love to walk this beach and certainly don’t want cars and trucks on it.
      This prompt was meant to sound like a travel log which would try to put a spin on a bad thing.

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